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Start Your New Job and Make a Great Impression

By Denisa Baltat on September 29th, 2014 in Employment Tips

Build Support

You went through the application processes; you attended a number of interviews and finally got a great job offer. What’s next? How do you start your new job strong? How do you impress your supervisors? These are all questions that we ask ourselves when we’re about to start a new job, in a new environment, with new colleagues and new bosses.

The answers can be quite simple, but ultimately it’s up to you how serious you take them. Here are a few pointers to help you start off on the right foot and stay on track

Keep a positive attitude

Strive to be the encouraging and cheerful colleague in the office. Surround yourself with optimistic people and keep thinking positively. If you give out good vibes, that’s what you’ll receive in return and those are sure to serve you well and keep you optimistic even when faced with difficult challenges.

Set goals for yourself

Goals help keep you on track and develop a certain discipline at work. Sometimes your entire team may work towards a common goal, other times you may have to set those goals for yourself. Either way, be sure to have an organized calendar of goals and targets and make yourself stick to it. This will show your team and supervisors that you are disciplined, responsible and take your work seriously.

Network and build support

Start networking with your colleagues and add them to your professional network. They will not only be in your network, but they will also be your support group while at work. This will help you and your team work more efficiently and willingly together. You should strive to be the type of person everyone wants on their team and people enjoy working with.

Seek feedback

There is no point of striving to start strong if you don’t know how you’re doing. Seek feedback from your team and supervisors on a regular basis. Sometimes even asking for their advice or opinion on a project will give you an idea of their feedback.

Don’t complain about the hard work

Strive to do excellent work even when the task is hard or tedious. We all encounter tasks that are unpleasant or challenging. Achieve the best results will impress your supervisors and show them you are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and do the works that need to be done.

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