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Brighton College is committed to providing accurate information and guidance to prospective students to ensure they make informed decisions about their program of study. Brighton College’s admission criteria are well publicized and applied consistently. Entry assessment tools and admission requirements ensure students have the required language competencies (see Language Proficiency Assessment Policy), and the basic knowledge, skills, and abilities to achieve program outcomes. Admission requirements may not be waived by either the student or the College.

Students are provided with the following policies before entering into any contract, including a Letter of Acceptance or student enrollment contract:

  1. Tuition and Refund Policy
  2. Student Dispute Resolution Policy
  3. Grade Appeal Policy
  4. Withdrawal Policy
  5. Dismissal of Student Policy
  6. Admissions Policy
  7. Student Attendance
  8. Work Experience Policy
  9. PLAR Policy and Procedure
  10. Language Proficiency Policy


  1. Applicants will consult with an Educational Advisor who will ensure the student has met the enrolment requirements for the chosen program.
  2. Upon meeting admission requirements, the Educational Advisor will explain the required key policies with the student prior to signing the enrolment contract.
  3. Method of payment and payment plan will be discussed and confirmed.
  4. The Educational Advisor will complete all required paperwork for the students file including but not limited to: Enrollment Contract, Program Outline, and Language Proficiency Assessment Proof.
  5. The Student’s file will be passed to the office administrator who will reconfirm the student has met the admission requirements and will process the student's file.
  6. A Brighton student ID will then be assigned, and the student will be admitted into the program.