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Architectural Design and Building Technician Diploma


This program provides students with a wide range of training and essential skills related to the architecture profession as well as building design technology. Students will gain strong practical building design knowledge through intensive training on modern architectural design concepts, local building code standards and high level computer aided design / drafting technologies. Major emphasis of the program is on architectural design layout, building science, structures and construction materials, building piping services, construction estimating, management and building inspection skills.

This program is fully instructor-led, allowing students to gain knowledge quickly through architectural design concepts to building construction. The curriculum includes lectures facilitated by specialized industry experts. The program also includes work experience (practicum) at a various architecture, interior design or engineering firms. Brighton Architectural Design and Building Technician diploma will be granted upon successfully completion of all courses.

Admission Requirements

  • High school diploma (or equivalent) or mature student status;
  • Domestic students: Grade 10 English or pass college English assessment; International students: IELTS 6.0 proof (or equivalent) or pass college English assessment

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    Building Beautiful Cities
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    Bridging Communities
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    Designing Sustainable Initiatives
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    Influencing Lifestyles
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    Shaping Civilization


  • Entry-level Jobs
  • Building Designer
  • Architectural Drafter
  • Building Estimator
  • Building Inspector Assistant
  • Architectural Home Designer
  • Building Construction Coordinator
  • Career Paths
  • Architectural Technologist
  • Architect
  • Architectural Project Manager
  • Municipal Building Plan Checker
  • Building Estimator
  • Building Construction Project Manager

Potential Earnings

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35 Week Diploma, 4 Week Practicum Included


AUT010 | Computer and Mathematic Fundamentals*
This course provides students the fundamental knowledge of computer operation, file management and the basics of mathematics. Major topics include Microsoft Word keyboarding skills, document formatting, Excel spreadsheet creation, linear algebra, quadratic equations, trigonometry, and geometry.

Duration: 20 hours, 1 week.

Prerequisite: none.
AUT100 | AutoCAD Fundamentals*
This course provides students with knowledge and skills focusing on computer aided design and drafting using AutoCAD. Students learn the most updated techniques in computer-aided design / drafting in the engineering and building design profession. Utilizing high-end computer tools, students gain knowledge in producing drawings in 2-dimensional environment as well as basic 3-dimensional models.

Duration: 60 hours, 3 weeks.

Prerequisite: none.
AUT150 | AutoCAD Advanced
This course provides students with in-depth studies in advanced level AutoCAD commands and drawing management techniques. A complete overview focuses on project orientated drafting and design skills with an emphasis on scaled 2-Dimensional project drawing in model and paper space layout settings. Students also learn advanced 3-Dimensional tools to create surface models and composite solid models.

Duration: 60 hours, 3 weeks.

Prerequisite: AUT100.
CCT100 | Building Code
This course provides students the knowledge of the Canadian city zoning bylaws and the British Columbia Building Code. Major topics include the study of building zoning, construction methods, design specifications, occupant safety, fire protection, accessibility, wood-framed structures, and application of span tables and basic understanding of energy efficient building design. Students learn to use AutoCAD to prepare a full set of single family building design plans.

Duration: 40 hours, 2 weeks.

Prerequisite: AUT100.
AUT310 | Revit Architecture
This course is a parametric Building Information Modeling (BIM) program. Students use Revit® Architecture to learn building information modeling and the tools for parametric building design and documentation. Students begin the course by learning the fundamental features of Revit and progress through design modeling to drawing production. Major topics include the modeling of basic building structures, wall type selection, building interior design, family customization, site creation, roof design, 3D walkthrough, rendering and sheet production.

Duration: 80 hours, 4 weeks.

Prerequisite: AUT100, AUT150, CCT100.
AUT420 | Electrical Systems
This course covers the principals of electrical systems with a strong emphasis on building load, wirings, components, materials and design layout. Students learn how to calculate electrical loads for houses, apartment units and prepare electrical design drawings for residential building systems.

Duration: 20 hours, 1 week.

Prerequisite: none.
AUT450 | AutoCAD for Interior Design
This course provides students the skills in creating interior design drawings for commercial and hospitality project. Students use AutoCAD to create conceptual and detailed design for drawing. Main topics include partition design, ceiling plan design, interior furniture selection, interior cross section layout, space planning, and wheel chair access design. Students learn how to design building architectural and interior features in accordance with the local building code and Bylaw standards.

Duration: 40 hours, 2 weeks.

Prerequisite: AUT100, AUT150, CCT100.
CCT140 | Construction Estimating 1
This course provides students with the knowledge necessary to estimate and control construction activities for typical building and civil engineering construction projects. Topics include residential, commercial and civil infrastructure estimating methods, quantity takeoff, and cost calculation procedures of construction components. An overview of the contractual responsibilities and relationships between the various parties to a construction contract and tendering processes is also covered.

Duration: 60 hours, 3 weeks.

Prerequisite: AUT100, CCT100.
CCT160 | Building Construction Inspection and Management
This course provides students with the knowledge in inspection techniques as well as project management skills for building. Major topics include building construction planning, inspection considerations, Gantt charts, CPM methods and scheduling software that apply to building construction management. Overview of the inspection techniques under the guidelines of the Canadian Association of Home Properties Inspectors are also discussed in this course.

Duration: 20 hours, 1 week.

Prerequisite: AUT100, CCT100.
ARC100 | Building Science and Construction
This course introduces students to the physical relationships between a building's interior and exterior assemblies. Topics include terminology used to describe building envelope materials, assemblies, performance, properties of air and water vapor, characteristics of environmental effects, exterior claddings, roofing and waterproofing techniques which prevent leakage. Basic wood-framed building and local city construction and zoning bylaws will also be discussed in this course.

Duration: 20 hours, 1 week.

Prerequisite: AUT100, AUT150, CCT100.
ARC110 | Architectural Planning and Design
This course provides students with the contemporary architecture and building design. The main topics in this course are site planning theory, aesthetics, structure design, open space planning and retrofit design skills for the residential and commercial buildings. A systematic methodology for creative problem-solving that involves analysis, evaluation, synthesis, and resolution are introduced as well. Emphasis is also placed on zoning by-laws and their impact on building uses, size, and location on the site.

Duration: 60 hours, 3 weeks.

Prerequisite: AUT100, AUT150, CCT100.
ARC120 | Building Structures
This course provides students with the principles of building construction materials and structural design. The course is delivered through lectures and problem-solving sessions. Topics include concepts of axial stress and strain, section properties of structural shapes, bending and shear stresses in beams, deflection of beams, column buckling, NBCC gravity and wind loads, limit states design philosophy, and sizing of major structural members which will lead to the design of building structures.

Duration: 40 hours, 2 weeks.

Prerequisite: AUT100, AUT150, CCT100.
AUT550 | Sketch Up
This course provides students with 3D computer modeling skills by using the Sketchup software application. Students learn the knowledge to create architectural building components and models with rendering effects. Major topics include layers, sketch techniques, land topography, exterior wall creation, paint style, roof modeling, building interior layout, sectioning, scene creation and sheet layout.

Duration: 20 hours, 1 week.

Prerequisite: AUT100, AUT150.
AUT650 | Portfolio Development
This course prepares students the skills for a working portfolio which will assist the students in presenting themselves during interviews or seminars. Students learn how to produce a portfolio in the areas of computer aided design, engineering and architectural 2D, and 3D models drawings. Students also learn to prepare the resume, cover letter as well as the interview skills.

Duration: 20 hours, 1 week.

Prerequisite: AUT100, AUT150, CCT100.
AUT410 | Building Piping Services
This course covers the principals of plumbing piping system design with a strong emphasis on the application piping components, material selection and design layout which applies to water, storm and sanitary piping systems in buildings. Students learn to calculate hydraulic loads for fixtures units and prepare piping design drawings for residential as well as commercial building projects. Students also learn to apply British Columbia Plumbing Code in the design of plumbing piping systems.

Duration: 40 hours, 2 weeks.

Prerequisite: AUT100, CCT100.
AUT140 | Technical Communications
Technical communication skills are required in services, business and technical working environments. This course focuses on the verbal, writing and the presentation skills within the scope of architecture and engineering. Students learn to produce technical report documents as well as the skills to present their project drawings.

Duration: 20 hours, 1 week.

Prerequisite: none.
WEP150 | Practicum
The student will have the opportunity to integrate theory and skills learnt during the program with practical situation from the real world of business. The purpose is to obtain relevant field experience prior to graduation and identify strengths prior to embarking on a new, exciting career.

Duration: 150 hours, 4 weeks.

The program is delivered in an in-class instruction method. The program has an intermittent intake model. Students start the program with the course indicated with (*) and then complete the remaining lecture courses in any order unless there is a prerequisite. Refer to course description for prerequisite.

ENHANCE YOUR CAREER Architectural Design & Building Technician

" After graduating I was immediately offered a job at CWA Engineering Firm. I will certainly miss all the wonderful people I have met at Brighton College. "
Wilson Wang Brighton College Alumni

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