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Career-ready training in over 30 programs in Engineering, AutoCAD Drafting & Design, Construction, International Trade, Information Technology, Business Management, Accounting, Business Admin, and Hospitality.

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When you attend an Info Session for one of our programs, you will get a full overview of the program and outcomes as well as the chance to ask direct questions to an instructor, who is also an industry professional.

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Welcome to Brighton College!

Brighton College offers you an opportunity to develop marketable skills, experience personal growth, and establish a foundation for further education and employment success. Our training programs are designed based on industry demand and provide practical, real-world skills for today’s workplace. Start your pathway to success by selecting one of our career-focused diplomas or certificates.

We offer career training and vocational programs in over 30 programs including International Trade, Construction, Accounting, Business, AutoCAD, and Hospitality.

At Brighton College, your education will go far beyond the walls of the classroom. We believe in learning by doing. Our instructors bring real industry experience to the class and engage students with hands-on learning activities and projects. Many programs at Brighton College offer practicum/co-op opportunities after you successfully finish the academic portion of the program.

After graduation and up to one year afterwards, we provide ongoing career assistance to alumni through our Career Services department.

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Choose a mode of learning to suit your needs for a brighter future. See a list of Blended and Online program options.

Introducing Blended and Online Learning

Being tied to a physical environment for your professional education is a thing of the past. New modes of study are now available at Brighton: blended learning and online learning! A blended course or program includes some instruction and learning activities that take place in the classroom, and some that take place online. An online course or program is solely completed online, with pre-recorded and live lesson modules including online instructor support options.

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Workshops for Student Success

Attending college is a big step, and the transition can be a bit scary. For those who are transitioning from high school to college or are returning to college from being out in the work force, Brighton College has two courses to help prepare you for the next steps.


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