Financial Aid

At Brighton College, our experienced financial advisors are available to assist you with your payment plan.

Our Financial advisors have supported many of our students through the process of figuring out which method of aid is best suited for them. Whether you are applying for financial aid or paying via other payment methods, we are committed to helping you set up a plan that works best for you.

Please contact one of our advisors to learn about your financial eligibility.

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Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada are eligible to apply for educational funding from the province of British Columbia through StudentAid BC. For more information about student loans through StudentAid BC, visit:

To receive student financial assistance, you must meet all of these basic eligibility criteria (please always check for most updated information):

B.C. loan forgiveness program

Recent graduates in select in-demand occupations can have their B.C. student loans forgiven by agreeing to work at publicly-funded facilities in underserved communities in B.C., or working with children in occupations where there is an identified shortage in B.C.

Visit for more information.

Quick Links:

The National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) administers parts of the Financial Assistance programs on behalf of Canada and the Province.

Steps to create your NSLSC Account

Student needs to create account in NSLSC after receiving the student loan notice of assessment. The notice of assessment contains details of your approved loan.

You will need the following with you to complete your registration:

  • SIN#
  • MFSAA# (found in upper right of your Notice of Assessment)
  • Bank information (transit, account#, etc)

Please follow the instructions below to guide you in creating an account:

  1. Go to the NSLSC website
  2. Click the register on top right side
  3. Register your account by inputting your SIN number
  4. Follow the instructions until you successfully create your account

Useful videos:

Manage your student loans online with National Student Loan Service Centre

Students who have a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) can use these funds for their education. To learn more about making withdrawals please visit

There may be other types of financial assistance options depending on your eligibility. When applying for a Student Loan, additional grants may also be available to students with dependents, permanent disabilities, or those from low-income families.

Third-Party Funding Agencies work with students to financially support them to pursue higher education. Students on EI (Employment Insurance) or are a part of a Band may be eligible for funding.

Government sponsored agencies such as WorkSafeBC, Career Paths (formerly called Skills Connect), and Human Resource and Skills Development may also provide education funding for eligible students.

To learn more about a specific program and the eligibility please consult an educational advisor or email

The Passport to Education Program recognizes and rewards student achievement in Grades 10 to 12 in a broad range of academic and non-academic areas according to guidelines set out by the Ministry of Education. The intent of the program is to motivate all students to study consistently during the years leading to graduation, and to encourage secondary school students to pursue further education through post-secondary institutions and job-training programs. Passport awards are used to further students' post- secondary education and job training.

Employment Insurance (EI) claimants who are unemployed and unable to find work with their existing skills may be eligible to receive funding towards a program that will equip them with skills for employment. Approval for funding is on a case basis. Find out more at a WorkBC Centre.

A Student Line of Credit is a product offered by major banks that allows students to borrow money repeatedly up to a pre-set limit. You only have to apply once and there are no monthly or annual fees. The Student Line of Credit can be used towards tuition fees and other living expenses. During school, students only make low-interest payments on the amount borrowed. Often, students need somebody, like a parent or guardian, to co-sign your line of credit application. This person will also be held responsible if you can’t pay the debt back.

See your preferred financial institute for more information.

Throughout the year, we offer several general and program specific grants to students. Eligibility dependent on financial need. For more information, or to find out if you qualify, contact an Educational Advisor.

CRA Information and Services for Students

Know about Canada Revenue Agency's services and information on benefits, essential resources, tax credits, and guidance tailored to students, both local and international, simplifying the Canadian tax system for your financial peace of mind.

CRA Digital Services

Learn about the benefits and credits you could be receiving and services that can help you with your taxes.

Benefits and credits for newcomers to Canada

New to Canada? Learn about the benefits of doing your taxes. Find information on Canada’s tax system, Canada child benefit (CCB), GST/HST credit, ways to do your taxes, free tax help, and other CRA services.

Webinar - International Students

Learn about the benefits and credits you could be eligible to receive including Canada’s tax system, working while you study and more.

Webinar - Individuals with a modest income

Learn about the benefits and credits available to individuals with a modest income such as Canada Child Benefit, GST/HST credits, Canda dental Benefit, and others.

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