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AutoCAD Drafting and Design

Our Programs

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AutoCAD Drafting and Design Specialist

AutoCAD Drafting and Design Specialist

35 Week Diploma, 4 Week Practicum Included
Drafting and CAD employment in engineering industries.

Computer Aided Design with AutoCAD w/Practicum

Computer Aided Design with AutoCAD

15 Week Certificate
CAD applications from engineering to interior design.

Summary of our AutoCAD Program

 Brighton College places a strong emphasis on its high level AutoCAD, Revit Architecture and Building Code courses offered through its AutoCAD programs, preparing students with the up-to-date skills and education for positions as drafters, designers and project managers.

The Industry

With technological advancements revolutionizing  design processes across multiple industries, experience with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software has become especially critical in the fields of construction,  architecture, engineering and design.

Highly advanced CAD software facilitates millions of professionals in designing complex and accurate models for drafting, designing interiors, planning piping projects, construction planning and plenty more uses.

In today’s world, graduates from technical programs are expected to have the most up-to-date knowledge and hands-on experience with these programs for successful integration into the workforce.