Hospitality Courses


Brighton College offers hospitality programs covering a range of management skills that are created based on the American Hotel and Lodging Association certification that can take your Hospitality Management career into several different industries.

Hospitality Management with Co-op Diploma

Hospitality Management with Co-op

72 Weeks, 32-week co-op
Hospitality Management Diploma

Hospitality Management

48 Weeks, 12-week co-op
Hospitality Operations Certificate

Hospitality Operations

25 Weeks, 4-week practicum

Summary of Hospitality

Brighton's Hospitality Management program prepares students for careers in Hospitality Management, including hotel management, restaurant management, conference management, catering, mature living communities, cruise lines, travel and tourism, and more. Program graduates receive a globally recognized certification issued by the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AH&LA), demonstrating their acquisition of the knowledge and skills associated with success in the hospitality industry.

Both Hospitality Management Diplomas and the American Hospitality and Lodging Association Certifications will be granted only to students who successfully complete all components of their program. The AH&LA Certifications include: Hospitality Management Diploma, Hospitality Fundamentals Certificate and International Hotel Management Specialization Certificate.

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The Industry

Vancouver is a travel destination with mild temperatures, beautiful scenery, and cultural diversity. The tourism industry in Vancouver annually contributes approximately $4.8 billion to the Metro Vancouver economy and supports over 70,000 jobs. British Columbia welcomes travelers from around the world year-round.

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Hospitality Industry Certifications

The following certificates are commonly required by employers in the food industry in British Column. Brighton College hospitality students are recommended to obtain these certificates prior to applying for co-op placement.

1. FoodSafe Level 1

This one-day food handling, sanitation and work safety course is designed for front line food service workers such as cooks, servers, bussers, dishwashers, and deli workers. The course covers important food safety and worker safety information including foodborne illness, receiving and storing food, preparing food, serving food, cleaning and sanitizing.

This course is regularly arranged by Brighton College for the Healthcare program. Please contact Brighton College Student Services for registration.

2. Serving it Right

This self-study course educates food industry employees about their legal responsibilities when serving alcohol.

The Serving It Right certificate is available online.

3. First Aid Level 1

This one-day course provides training on provision of initial care to a life-threatening (or limb-threatening) medical emergency, either an illness or an injury.


Sarah Lopecillo 

"I came to Brighton College on the recommendation of a friend. I liked the education best, as it was straight to the point and the lessons were really for the future."

Sarah Lopecillo 


Lady Anne Liwanay 

"My previous work experience was data-entry for an environmental lab. I was not satisfied or happy with my chosen career. I want to learn more than just the technical part of the job.  I have learned so much and the instructors are very knowledgeable and inspiring."

Natasha Lavoie 

"It was clear to me from the beginning that Brighton College was a smart choice. The registration process was straightforward and uncomplicated. The team of staff helped with everything from the initial college application to completing the Student Loan documentation. Brighton College provided me with the opportunity I needed to become successful within the career of my choice." 

Natasha Lavoie 


Hoai Chau Nguyen 

"I decided to attend Brighton College because of the short and helpful program options. I could save a lot of time getting my degree. The classes are small, so I had more chances to discuss with the instructors and classmates. People are very friendly and fun here. Felt like a family. I am glad to say I was happy here and I know my decision to study here was right."

Hoai Chau Nguyen


Mary Jean Amaza 

"Before attending Brighton, I took Bachelor of Science in Accounting in the Philippines. I worked in accounting and then shifted into caregiving. Challenge in our country and hard to find a job that pays well. I liked the environment; I was treated as a friend and family. Everyone was approachable. You can always see a smile on their faces. Instructors were very helpful. I have learned a lot and [the experience] made me confident." 

Mary Jean Amaza


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