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Studying remotely is now a learning format at Brighton College! Choose from blended or online courses to optimize your schedule.

Blended and Online Learning


School on Your Schedule

Being tied to a physical environment for your professional education is a thing of the past. New modes of study are now available at Brighton: blended and online learning!

Offering New Learning Formats at Brighton

At Brighton College, we strive to take an innovative and high-quality approach to provide our students with flexible and contemporary professional education. Therefore, over the past few years, Brighton has researched and implemented the most appropriate learning systems and curriculum quality frameworks to bring blended and online learning to our students.

To achieve our mission, all programs aim to meet the standards set by ‘Quality Matters’, the North American quality standard for online learning.

Important terminologies:

Face-to-face (F2F): This is a traditional mode of delivery in which students and instructors meet each other on campus on a regular basis.

Online learning: In this mode of study, students and instructors are separated by distance. They communicate with each other using computer technology. There are two methods of communication: synchronous and asynchronous communication. Synchronous communication means that both instructors and students are online at the same time using video conference software. Asynchronous communication means that students and instructors are not required to be online at the same time, but participate in the course at their own convenience using an online Learning Management System (LMS). Thus, the asynchronous mode allows for a significant degree of flexibility as to when and where you learn.

Blended learning (or hybrid learning): This a combined approach of both online and F2F learning. Students will attend the F2F meetings while also completing online activities between sessions. This study mode is also referred to as “Hybrid Learning”.

Blended Learning

A course or program that contains blended learning includes some instruction and learning activities that take place in the classroom, and some that take place online. This distribution gives you the freedom to complete part of your coursework remotely and on your own time, and the rest in periodic and intensive learning sessions with your instructor on campus. Combining the flexibility of online courses with the attentiveness of traditional classroom instruction, blended learning provides accessible, quality education for students of all ages and backgrounds.

Advantages of Blended Learning

Blended learning offers some distinct benefits for busy students when compared to either fully face-to-face or fully online courses. In a blended learning setting, students are given the independence to complete a significant portion of their work on their own schedule, and the opportunity to participate in an intermittent, highly interactive classroom environment where they can take advantage of peer and instructor interaction and discussion. Time in the classroom will be maximized for these benefits, focusing on group discussion and collaboration in order to facilitate our students’ development of the crucial teamwork skills required by today’s job market.

Blended courses:

International Trade Certificate – Blended

The program’s 9 core courses lead to two globally recognized certificates. In order to provide an excellent International Trade program, Brighton College has partnered with two of the most respectful institutions of International Trade and Freight Forwarding in Canada: FITT & CIFFA; creating and exciting and knowledgeable course structure.

Program Overview

Green Building and Sustainable Design Diploma – Blended

The Green Building and Sustainable Design Diploma program equips students with essential skills for pursuing a career in the fields of green building design, planning, construction and maintenance. Students will be prepared to challenge the Natural Resource Canada (NRCan) Foundation Level Exam and EnerGuide Rating System v.15 Energy Advisor Exam. Students will also be trained in LEED® – a rating system used to evaluate the environmental performance of a building. Students will be prepared to challenge the LEED® Green Associate Exam.

Program Overview

Office Administration and Technology Diploma – Blended

The Office Administration and Technology Diploma program equips students with the hands-on skills required to excel in key areas of office administration. Students will be trained in basic bookkeeping, record and data management, professional document design and production, social media marketing, event planning, project management, and a range of professional communication and efficiency skills.

Program Overview

Business Management in Marketing and Sales Diploma– Blended

The Business Management in Marketing and Sales Diploma provides students with a strong foundation in business principles, marketing strategies, and professional sales skills. Students will build core business management competences and essential skills in sales marketing research, online marketing and social media strategies, sales client prospecting and client-relationship building, while becoming familiar with contemporary sales process technology.

Program Overview

Digital Marketing Certificate – Blended

Brighton College’s Digital Marketing Certificate program will equip students with today’s in-demand proficiencies in the core principles and best practices of digital marketing. Students will be prepared to take the Online Marketing Certified Associate (OMCA™) exam and achieve the OMCA™ credential – an industry standard certification for digital marketing associates and entry-level practitioners.

Program Overview

Hospitality and Customer Service Certificate – Blended

This program provides students a comprehensive introduction to the many entities that make up the Hospitality Industry, as well as an overview of today’s hot issues and management concerns. Students will also learn the required job search skills they need to become employed in the hospitality and service industry. The program also includes 3 certifications to prepare students for positions in the hospitality industry: Serving it Right, FoodSafe Level 1, and Guest Service Gold: Golden Opportunities.

Program Overview

Online Learning

A program that is taken entirely online gives you the freedom to complete your coursework remotely and mainly on your own time. Depending on the instructor, some live sessions may be offered as a part of the course, but the majority are delivered as a complete distance scenario, where all the module assignments and learning activities are given set due dates. You will always be provided access to an instructor for feedback and inquiries, as well as a forum for class discussions.

Advantages of Online Learning

If you are someone who is an independent learner, has strong organizational skills, and is juggling work and school and more, then online learning provides the flexibility you need. Choosing a fully online course gives you the freedom to work at your own pace from the comfort of your home, and if you need to rewind or repeat content for better clarification, then you can work that into your schedule.

Online courses:

Digital Marketing Certificate – Online

Brighton College’s Digital Marketing Certificate program will equip students with today’s in-demand proficiencies in the core principles and best practices of digital marketing. Students will learn how to strategize and implement the use of search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, email and mobile marketing, pay-per-click advertising, conversion optimization, and web analytics.

Program Overview

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