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Construct Your Career

By Jay Oun on August 26th, 2014 in Careers, Construction

Construction Career

Are you the type of person that is well-organized, good at math and able to solve problems easily? This program may be the boost you need to advance your career in the construction field. The construction industry in Vancouver is booming and the never-ending traffic due to the production of new structures and roads proves that.  New bridges, condominiums, duplexes, laneway homes, town houses and etc. are being built at a rapid rate. The development sector is increasing in growth yearly, in attempt to meet the rise of residents in the Lower Mainland. Plenty of job opportunities will be available for individuals looking to take part in the creation of the city’s future landmarks.

A typical day in the construction industry for you would be assisting design technologists and engineers to produce plans suitable in compliance with the BC building code and specific project you are working on.  Examples of your duties and responsibilities include developing drawings, models, diagrams and plans in accordance with the projects specifications, operating drafting and computer-aided design (CAD) workstations and estimating the cost of the projects materials.

As a technician, your skills can be transferrable to multiple industries. Whether you prefer designing aerospace vehicles, urban communities, preparing circuit boards or rural communities, your services are applicable to all of these different fields of work. Specialization in any of these fields is possible with the practical training from this program.

If this sounds like a suitable career for you, Brighton College offers a 35 Week Drafting Technician Diploma, a 19 Week Construction Technician w/Practicum Certificate and a 15 Week Construction Technician Certificate. The instructors for the programs are all equipped with over 5 years of industry experience and have relevant designations. For more information about the college or about our other programs, fill out the online form or call 604-430-5608!