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Test Out Your Career Before You Apply For the Job!


If you’ve recently graduated from a diploma or certificate program here at Brighton College, you might soon find that you have a much wider range of career options available to you than you previously realized. If you have completed your co-op or practicum and perused the job listings to no avail there’s another way you can test out potential career-paths that might be suitable.

Vancouver has a large number of employment agencies, big and small, which can be your guiding hand throughout your job search. Not only can they help you find excellent opportunities that fit your needs, but they have great connections and clients within the industry that are hiring for temporary positions.  This can definitely be something to consider for the first few months after graduation and it can offer great long-term benefits to your career.

It’s a great way to expand your network

We’ve all met people who we get along with and with whom our personalities instantly “click”. This can happen at the office too, whether you’re on a one day, one week or one-month placement. Keep in touch with those connections; add them to your LinkedIn network and be sure to check in with them every once in a while.

This is one of the easiest ways to expand your personal network and you never know when it may come in handy. These connections can offer you great industry insight, help you advance your career or even work with your employer in the future to create a business to business collaboration.

You can encounter new job opportunities

It can often happen that during your temporary placement at a company, a permanent position opens up and you get the chance of applying internally. The company already knows you, your current supervisor can give you a positive referral and this can be the perfect shortcut for you to land a great permanent job.

Learn new skills

Depending on your position, sometimes you may have the chance to learn new skills during your temp placement. For example, you can learn to work with a new database or perform tasks to help a co-worker in a different department. Apart from hard skills, you can develop or improve your soft skills without even noticing.

As a temp, working in so many different companies requires you to be flexible, easy going and very reliable. These are things you learn as you go and they will help you succeed in any temp placement you may be assigned.  All in all, it’s a definite bonus to add these skills and more to your resumes. Think of it as extra training! Temping can be a great way for you to discover what you like and dislike in an industry and pinpoint exactly what your ideal job is. From there, you can only move up and with a recruiter’s help, you will be able to set and reach your goals.


You can learn valuable tips like this and more from our Employment Coordinators anytime! Pay them a visit and find your way to a promising new career in no time! To learn more about how our Employment Coordinators help our students, or to learn about our programs, call 604-430-5608 or e-mail us:


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