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If Leonardo DiCaprio Can Win An Oscar, Then You Can Find a Successful Career


Just last week the internet exploded with meme after meme of Leonardo DiCaprio winning his first Oscar! Never has an actor been so previously glorified for NOT winning an Oscar as Mr. DiCaprio.

Winning an Oscar

Having watched The Revenant, in theatres, it came as no surprise that Leo took home the award for Best Actor with his astounding performance coupled with masterful storytelling by Alejandro G. Iñárritu. When the time came to accept his award, Leo actually used his moment to remind us to “not take anything for granted” and to appreciate what we have.

This message isn’t anything new but I believe we can learn a few things from Leo’s long road to finally winning his Oscar. For instance, what does this say about finding our own success in our professional life? What can we learn from this experience?

"Waiting for the right moment"

Perseverance is the Key

How many times did you ask yourself, “when am I going to get there?” It’s a common question and it always pops up when thinking about your career. The more you think about the “when” you start to miss out on the “how “. You have to learn to take things in stride and discover what steps to take towards hitting your goal. The more you panic the more you’ll have a hard time organizing your to-do lists.

Just like Leo’s character in The Revenant, he waited for his opportune moment to catch his prey. For us in the real world, we need the patience to filter through rejections until we find the one that sticks. If Leo can survive in the harsh frozen plains in The Revenant, you can survive a few job applicant rejections.

"Seize the Opportunity"

Know Your Skills, Know Your Value 

Do some research on what industry you want to get in to and hone the skills you need. Take Leo for example in Catch Me if You Can. He played a man who acted, charmed and faked his way into being a pilot, a lawyer, and an accountant. Now I’m not saying you should become a con artist but the message is you have to be willing to see the value in what you can do. Whether it’s acting, being sociable or good with numbers.

You know what skills you have so don’t take them for granted. Know your value and how much you’re worth. You have to be willing to take some risks even if it’s out of your comfort zone. Imagine yourself as a successful business owner. Dress the part, walk the walk and eventually work your way to make it a reality.

"Use Your Network"

You Have Support, Use Them 

How many times did you see on your news feed of friends saying, “we always believed you Leo” or “it’s only a matter of time until you win Leo!” It’s no surprise that he’s always had fans that believed in him. It should also be no surprise that YOU actually have fans that want you to succeed. We have friends and family that are always offering help whether its personal or professional advice. Don’t be afraid to talk to your circle of friends and see who’s hiring.

Looking for a job in accounting? Why not go for coffee with that uncle who helped your parents with their mortgage. Thought of getting into business management? Try calling up that friend who went to college and found a practicum in less than 3 months. Just like Leo had fans that pushed him to win, utilize your network to see your success.

"Here's to you Leo"

So now you know that with enough patience and hard work you too can find professional success. The next time you’re job hunting or waiting for an interview, remember our friend Leonardo DiCaprio. Remember how amidst all the “no’s” and naysayers, he used this negativity to push himself to an award-winning performance. So when the time comes and you’re sitting at the desk of your new dream job, remember to prep YOUR acceptance speech.

All images used belong to their respective copyright holders and are used for educational purposes only. 

Sebastian Nguyen

About the Author

Sebastian Nguyen is a Videographer and Social Media Producer at Brighton College. When he is not filming events or taking photos, he loves catching up on episodes of Arrow and The Flash.

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