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Hospitality Jobs in BC – Industry Outlook


The hospitality industry across BC is growing rapidly in 2012 and is expected to continue over the years to come. It’s a field where professionals who are looking for careers in restaurants, hotels, resorts, and many other organizations can expect to see some increased job security and occupational opportunities.

Hospitality Jobs in BC - Industry Outlook


From 2011 to 2020 it is anticipated that jobs in hospitality and specifically restaurant manager, hotel manager, and executive positions within these organizations are expected to either increase or maintain stable rates of growth. There are a variety of entry-level positions that a professional in this industry can obtain, for example;

  • Restaurant Manager
  • Hotel Manager
  • Resort Coordinator
  • Guest Services Manager
  • Hospitality Manager
  • Hospitality Coordinator
  • & Many More

These are a few examples of the positions that are available throughout BC and the hospitality jobs that graduates from Brighton College’s Hospitality Management diploma program can expect to secure upon completion.


Starting wages for jobs in restaurants and hotel jobs upon certification in Hospitality Management range from $15 to $18 per hour with in some cases, depending on the opportunity, it can rise upwards of $20 per hour. After 5 – 7 years of experience, an executive level position can be obtained in this field (with larger organizations) and salaries of over $50,000 per year are common with bonus structures in place as well. Wages are expected to remain at their current level for hospitality jobs in BC.

License and Certification:

A Hospitality Management diploma is generally a requirement for managerial or supervisory positions in this field. For Hospitality Management courses and diploma programs, they can range from months to 2 years and higher depending on the institution and focus of the program.

Skills Required:

There are a variety of skills that are required to be a successful professional in the Hospitality Management industry. Supervisory and management skills are a core focus and should be professionally developed, for hospitality jobs in BC, a hot travel and entertainment destination, a required skill set involves strong communication and social skills. The team working and organizational abilities are exercised daily and this should be a strong suit for any professional looking to secure a restaurant manager job or a career in hotel and resort management.

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