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drafting and design outlook

Drafting & Design Industry Outlook


Looking at the Drafting and Design sector will provide some key information for graduates and current students who are looking to enter the workforce. This field offers a variety of opportunities for well paying, secure, and challenging employment. We’ll explore key factors in this review, such as wages, job descriptions, titles, and much more.


According to the 2019 Job Bank Wage Data*, Entry-level positions may start around $18.71/hr, whereas intermediate positions (depending on the job title) are in the $28.85 – 35$/hr range.  Graduates with prior university experience can expect to start at the mid-range level, or higher, if they have more extensive, related international work experience.

Outlook & Prospects:

For the next 10 years, this sector is to be projected as an area of employment growth for the province of BC. The B.C. Labour Market Outlook* states that there are approximately 1,440 job openings expected over the next 10 years.

Main Duties:

The main job duties in this sector can include developing engineering drawings and designs, sketches, and concepts, as well as working with AutoCAD development software, as well as interpreting, preparing and analyzing technical reports. This sector can have a multitude of job titles that are associated with it, so job duties and responsibilities can be quite spread out depending on the role.

Skills & Training:

Education, skills, and training that are required to pursue employment in this field are generally the same for entry-level positions. Secondary school completion with a diploma program of drafting, design, architectural or engineering program is a requirement. If you possess the above and also can demonstrate a great working knowledge of the technical aspects of these positions as well as the skills required to properly utilize AutoCAD and other drafting software you should be qualified to enter the workforce in this sector.

Overall Outlook:

It looks as though there is significant opportunity in this sector and drafting jobs are available throughout BC for qualified applicants. For the coming years, most job seekers and individuals who successfully gain employment in this field are expected to come directly out of school.

For more information on the drafting & design industry outlook, or for more information on how to start a career in this industry, call 604-430-5608 or fill out the form in our AutoCAD Drafting & Design section.

*Data taken from WorkBC

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