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Are you a person who is well-organized, has good math skills, and can solve issues quickly? These construction programs could give you the boost you need to develop your construction career.
The construction sector in Vancouver is booming, as seen by the never-ending traffic caused by the construction of new buildings and roads. New bridges, condominiums, duplexes, laneway homes, townhouses, and other structures are rapidly being constructed. The development sector is expanding every year in an attempt to keep up with the growing population in the Lower Mainland. Individuals interested in contributing to the building of the city’s future landmarks will have a multitude of work options.

You might spend a typical day in the construction sector supporting design technologists and engineers in producing plans that are suitable for the BC building code and the project you’re working on. Developing drawings, models, diagrams, and plans in line with the project’s specifications, running drafting and computer-aided design (CAD) workstations, and estimating the cost of the project’s materials are just a few of your responsibilities.

As a technician, your skills can be transferable to multiple industries. Whether you prefer designing aerospace vehicles, urban communities, preparing circuit boards or rural communities, your services are applicable to all of these different fields of work. Specialization in any of these fields is possible with the practical training from our programs.

Brighton College offers a 35-week Drafting Technician Diploma, a 19-week Construction Technician w/Practicum Certificate, and a 15-week Construction Technician Certificate.  The instructors for these programs are all equipped with over 5 years of industry experience and hold necessary certifications.

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