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5 Super-Hacks for Starting a New Career in the Post-Pandemic Gig Economy


Job hunting and career searches have changed drastically over the past two years. Students who graduate within the next few years will have to learn how to navigate the post-pandemic economy to find their dream career.

To help our students succeed in navigating the dynamic job market, we have asked Michelle Nadon, author of CareersAF! to give us her top 5 super hacks to starting a career in the post pandemic gig economy.

Super-Hack #1: Upgrade Your Digital Chops! Be sure to upgrade your hardware and software programs, apps, high-speed, professional lighting and professional microphone! If your technology isn’t fully functional, you’ll be outcompeted by others who did their technical diligence! Make a point to deliver the best quality Internet experience you can for hiring managers!

Super-Hack #2: Boost Your Digital Presence! Remote work has removed the in-person experience from our daily lives. Therefore, new grads need to establish and maintain a strong digital presence. Your LinkedIn profile needs to be up-to-date, and you need to maintain an active presence on the platform, by “liking”, “sharing” and “commenting” on others’ posts. Networking isn’t enough anymore -– you need to ensure you maintain a strong, weekly presence on all your social media platforms — It’s a must!

Super-Hack #3: Be prepared for Artificial Intelligence (AI)! The hiring process has become fully remote. Canadian companies are now relying on AI to handle the front-end of applicant screening. Job seekers need to “tailor” keywords from the job description into their applications, and follow application instructions to the letter. Any information left unfilled will cause your application to be automatically discounted, so play by the rules! Job seekers must also be able to make video generic applications defending and recording their application through a given internet portal without a single human involved! HR reps will then review the applications, and choose whom to contact…So, practice recording your video applications!

SuperHack #4: Take Your Brand to the Next Level! It’s a really good idea to establish a personal brand on your resume: choose a font style and size that you like and incorporate a colour if you can. Your name should be in a larger size font, and your brand should include the title/role that you are seeking, and your full contact information! Once this is established, it’s easy to migrate that same “look” from your resume to all your other marketing tools, like your e-signature, list of references, etc.

SuperHack #5: Script and rehearse your email/voice mail approaches to hiring managers. When you script your call, pay attention to your introduction and context for outreach (1-2 lines). The body of the email/call should clearly outline your skills and a clear “call to action” i.e., what do you want: A review your resume? Information about upcoming roles? A referral to the decision maker in a given department? Be clear about “your ask! Finally, close out by thanking them for their time and consideration. Good manners rock! Writing up your approach to hiring managers, and rehearsing your script out loud 2-3 times before you make the call or hit send, will help “cement” the information in your mind and will eventually help you be as smooth as silk with outreach to strangers. So, script, and rehearse your outreach!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need career help: We are here for YOU!

About the Author

Michelle Nadon

Michelle Nadon author of CareersAF!, is known for her comprehensive knowledge about Canadian media mandates and stakeholders. Since 2004, Michelle has been the leading provider of recruitment and cutting-edge career coaching resources for the Canadian media and entertainment  sectors.

Careers AF! 2nd Edition boasts two full new chapters: Smart Start: How to Start Your Own Small Business for entrepreneurs; and How Business Transformed in 2021, showcasing post-pandemic best practices for job seekers –-designed to set graduates up for success starting their careers!

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