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3 Reasons to Attend Career Fairs in Your Community


Summer is fast approaching and those summer jobs are becoming more and more available. One of the best ways to get noticed and establish contacts at different companies is to attend career fairs in your community and online. Depending on your interests and program of study, there is bound to be at least one career fair that suits your career interests.

Here are 3 reasons you should get yourself to the next career fair in your community:

  1. Opportunities for Informational Interviews: If you attend one of these fairs, this is the best time to ask for an informational interview from a company that interests you. Rather than phoning them, this approach is more personal and they are more likely to agree to see you.
  2. Putting a face to the name: Career fairs offer a great opportunity for you to get to know the decision makers and hiring managers at tons of local companies. Making a great impression will be to your advantage and might get you one step closer to that big interview.
  3. Insight into the invisible job market: During your attendance, you may find out about potential job opportunities within the company of your interest, which are not yet publicly posted. If you establish a strong connection with a company representative, make sure you add them to your LinkedIn network and keep in touch with them. This way, down the road, you could receive an internal recommendation for future job openings at the company.

Prepare for success!

If you want to put your best foot forward, take a few days before the career fair to prepare. Make sure you practice your elevator pitch and that everything matches with your up-to-date resume. Remember: it’s important that your resume is tailored to the right industry and position you are interested in so that you receive positive results at the career fair.

On the day of the fair, dress professionally as you would for a job interview. Although this isn’t an official interview, you will be making an impression on everyone you meet, so you should dress the part. Bring multiple copies of your resume and business cards if you have any. These are great to hand out on the spot to attending companies, rather than taking their information and emailing them later. It will ensure that they remember you, and you may stand out compared to other online applicants.

For more information on upcoming career fairs and networking events check in with your employment coordinator. You can also follow us on Twitter, join us on Facebook or check out your campus job board!

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