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AutoCAD and Drafting Student Bonaventure Sevi Inspired to Create Another Tesla

Bonaventure Sevi

By Sebastian Nguyen on December 11th, 2015

My Story

Meet Bonaventure Sevi, AutoCAD Drafting and Design Specialist student and family man with big dreams!

Bonaventure Sevi

A Fresh Start

Bonaventure moved to Vancouver with his family that includes his wife and three kids. While previously graduating with 3D modelling under his belt, Bonaventure found his true calling when he discovered his passion for the engineering industry.  Bonaventure searched for a way to channel his creativity and business savvy and as a result, found the AutoCAD Drafting and Design Specialist at Brighton College was exactly what he was looking for.

 Bonaventure Sevi

AutoCAD Training and Specialization

After enrolling in Brighton, Bonaventure found new inspiration and motivation while learning new software skills in AutoCAD. He praises the coursework for allowing him to bring his designs to life with precision and accuracy. Furthermore, He also states the instructors and peers have always been of help whenever faced with tough assignments.

“When you see Tesla or Apple, these are the companies that inspire me”

A Drive to a New Career

Bonaventure is constantly inspired by the works of Tesla and Apple products. After completing his program and practicum placement, Bonaventure plans to one day specialize in motor engineering and create his own Tesla. He states he fell in love with the process of designing and seeing a product launch from conceptualization to completion.

Overcoming Obstacles

While balancing his time with family,  work and school, Bonaventure is constantly seeking new challenges. As such, he believes that any student is capable of pushing past boundaries with enough hard work and determination.

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