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Community Growth Surging Forward for Women in Construction!


Although women working in trades have come a long way,  women only account for roughly 7%[1] of workers in the construction industry. These statistics show that women working in this field might feel somewhat disconnected and these numbers can even prevent women from wanting to participate in the trades industry at all.

Quite recently in history women would hardly be considered for jobs in the trades due to the stereotypes of those times. For a woman who was married with children in 1950, it was very rare to work away from the family as it was expected that the woman of the household was to raise the children and maintain the house while her husband was the main bread-winner for the family.

Fast-forward to the current time and some pretty significant changes have occurred.  Women now have opportunities in any career they please! These non-traditional female-oriented occupations offer women challenging yet rewarding career paths which are becoming more sought after!

Taking into account this rather low presence in the industry The Canadian Government, the construction industry itself and many formal organizations are looking to make some changes for women in trades.

The Canadian Construction Women (CCW) organization is working to create a network of women in the trades. The members of CCW strongly believe that the construction industry is promising for women stating that: “[a]s more women realize that construction is more than hammers and hard hats, they will see that a career in the building industry offers a world of opportunity”.

This organization is primarily based out of Vancouver for the time being (although it supports women Canada-wide) and therefore many of the events that are organized through the CCW are in Vancouver too! Annual General Meetings, pub nights and summer socials are only a few of the events that are hosted every year and through events such as these, they continue to help foster a growing community for women in the construction industry.

For more information about the Construction industry in British Columbia you can read our Industry Overview blog post. To find out about Construction programs at Brighton College, please visit for more info!

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