What Exactly is E-Media You Ask?


E-Media is not a very well known term for most individuals. If being in the digital media profession piques ones’ interest, this program may provide the foundation for a successful career. E-Media stems from the term Electronic Media; media that is created by the usage of a laptop, radio, mobile, television, computer and etc.

Electronic Media can be found in everyday life; mobile electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets. These devices have become a necessity to human life, in order to become efficient in work, school assignments and keeping up with the latest local news. The advancement of technology causes the society to crave for the next hot ticket item.

Print Media looks to follow in the trend of the tech-savvy, next generation. As multiple news outlets continue to gravitate towards digital media, companies from other industries are embracing the saved dollars as a result of converting away from print. Not only that, think about how much the environment can benefit from businesses making the switch to digital.

The comparison between E-Media and Print Media explains the important objective of how individuals must adapt to better forms of communication, in regards to local and global breaking news. Electronic Media seems to be the clear winner because of its blistering speed for notifying news to people almost instantaneously.

Those looking to add a unique advantage over applicants in this competitive industry may look to add the E-Media Marketing Specialist Certificate to their repertoire. In this program, students will cover online marketing strategies, tactics, concepts, and tools utilized by major corporations.

At Brighton College, students are offered a 24-week E-Media Marketing Specialist Certificate program that includes a 4-week practicum. The practicum placement is guaranteed at one of the small to mid-sized businesses located in the Lower Mainland. For more information about this program, fill out the online form or call 604-430-5608!

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