Completing an International Trade Program will lead to a diverse career path.

International Trade Program Offers a Diverse Career Path


Did you know that Vancouver is home to one of the largest port in Canada as well as one of the most diversified gateways in North America?

The Port of Vancouver is approximately the same size as the next five largest Canadian ports combined and hosts 29 major terminals. It handles $1 of every $3 of Canada’s trade in goods outside of North America, and does about $240 billion in goods. Port activities from international trade provide 115,300 jobs and over $7 billion in wages. With a high demand for jobs, this is a career path that has a positive outlook in the coming years.

A shipping tanker, or vessel, full of shipping containers for international trade.

Career Paths after an International Trade program

Career paths in International Trade are numerous and diverse and can be an exciting career choice. Opportunities exist to work with traders, trade centers, governments and businesses around the world. Depending on your interest, a career can be found in manufacturing, selling goods overseas, trade services, trade assistance or regulation.

For example, a business manager may strategize and develop relationships with companies abroad. A marketing director may be responsible for researching and properly targeting foreign markets and a shipping company will require personnel to transport products back and forth between different nations.

Here are the 4 typical areas of International Trade positions:

Global Business Management

  • Strategic planning and budgeting
  • Policy and Planning Analysts
  • Program Director and Manager, Project Director and Manager
  • International Business Development Director

Global Marketing

  • Negotiations with Importers in the country where you are trying to do business
  • Navigating legal issues when setting up relationships
  • Export Sales Representative
  • International Sales Manager
  • Export Marketing Rep

Supply Chain Management

  • Acquiring what a company needs to do business with an International Partner or facilitating the supply chain process
  • Procurement Manager for International Company
  • Export/Import Clerk for customs broker
  • International Shipping Specialist
  • Logistics Manager

Trade Finance

  • Finance specialists work for banks and large corporations arranging loans and payment processes in International Trade deals
  • Export credit insurance specialists analyze the type and degree of risk involved in international transactions

An aerial view of shipping containers that have arrived at port. An International Trade program will set you on an exciting career path that could involve many of these shipping containers.

Pursuing a International Trade program has many advantages and opportunities in the global business market. Careers in International Trade can provide job security, exciting experiences such as traveling and relocation as an expat living abroad and acquiring knowledge of foreign cultures. Graduates can find opportunities in Governmental and non-governmental careers with each having their own unique challenges. To find out more about enrolling and obtaining certification from a International Trade program, fill out the form below.

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