How to Get a Job with No Work Experience


Most employers require some type of work experience before hiring an individual, but an individual needs experience before getting a job. This vicious circle has many people frustrated and unemployed. If you are in this situation and if you have little or no work experience and are having a difficult time finding work, here are a few ideas to help you gain career-related experience:

1)      Express Experience in Other Areas: Are you a mother? State your experiences in multitasking, organization, scheduling, etc. Are you active in your community? State how, as well as what skills you gained from the experience. Are you an athlete? State your position, team building skills, and how other skills transfer into the workplace. If you have no work experience expressing other types of experience shows your creativity, ability to analyze, and persistence.

2)      Volunteer: Any type of volunteer work looks great on a resume, especially if it is one within your desired career field. You can list your duties within the position and skills needed, and also use your supervisors as references. Volunteer work is a great way to fill up an empty resume!

3)      Unpaid Internship: If you already have an idea as to what career field you would like to get into, consider taking an unpaid internship. Although they are unpaid, they often lead to permanent positions within the company.

4)       Gain Industry Certifications: Many industries offer industry certifications to help workers improve their skills, or obtain new ones. Research the required and optional industry certifications and work towards completing them. Adding these to your resume shows you are a “go-getter” and improves your chances of being hired.

5)       Career Training with Practicum: If you are looking for a job and have no work experience, career training may be for you. Career colleges such as Brighton College offer short-term programs and certifications with practicums. These practicums allow you to obtain experience in your desired career field and often lead to a permanent paid position.

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