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Google Search Tricks for Your Productivity Needs


The updates on Google’s search engine happen more often than you would like. Every single time you feel you are finally back on top of things, a second later, the interface looks nothing at all like you remembered; tools that you have become so accustomed to using are either missing or buried in the sites sub-pages. Learn these few tricks and feel more confident in your Google searching abilities:

Find Specific Pages on a Website
Include “site:” before the domain of your choice with a space and then your topic. This will show pages on this particular website that have anything to do with your topic.

Ex. “ engineering”

Use a Broad Search 

Add an asterisk (aka, the star symbol: *) after a half-finished sentence. This symbol will finish the sentence for you and give you a greater variety of results.

Ex. “Brighton College has *”

Locate Files in Other Formats

If you are having trouble locating certain files in a specific format, add “filetype:” and the 3- or 4-letter abbreviation after your query to obtain it in files such as pngs, pdfs, word docs, etc.

Ex. “ filetype:pdf”

Get Definitions

“Define:” before your query will ensure you never have to pick up a dictionary again. Get meanings of words instantly.

Ex. “define: vocational training”

There you have it! Go ahead and test out all of these examples for yourself. Make studying easier and work more efficiently with these simple tips. Now, when you feel lost during the next Google update, at least you’ll have these tricks to fall back on!

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