Two college students discussing what transferring college could mean for their career path.

College Transfer Could be a Benefit to Your Career Path


As we celebrate the announcement for our newest transfer partnership with Yorkville University, we wanted to explain what transferring between two post-secondary institutions is all about and what the potential exchange could mean for you, our student.

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Our announcement came last week that we had finalized our partnership with Yorkville University.

Brighton College is glad to announce a new Articulation Agreement with Yorkville University.

Through this partnership, Brighton graduates of the Advanced Business Management Program can now transfer 36 credits to Yorkville University’s Bachelor of Business Administration Programs.

Representatives from Brighton College and Yorkville University at the official announcement of the Articulation Agreement between the two educational institutions.

Yorkville recently opened its first BC campus in Vancouver where students can study online or in-class, with a flexible schedule.

For more info on Yorkville University’s BBA Programs, visit

For more info on Brighton’s ABM program, visit

An articulation agreement is a formal agreement between two or more Colleges and Universities outlining the transfer policies that determine what credits will transfer at what levels for an academic program or degree (What is an Articulation Agreement. Retrieved from

What does this mean for Brighton?

This means that we have come to an agreement with Yorkville University regarding transfer credits of our Advanced Business Management diploma to their Bachelor of Business Administration program. It saves students time when they want to continue their education from a Diploma to a Bachelor’s Degree.

To learn more about what credits from the Advanced Business Management diploma are eligible to transfer, talk to your Educational Advisor!

Transfer Partnerships

Transfer partnerships are set up to allow students to easily transfer credits from one institution to another. It’s a mutual agreement for a system to recognize education completed at another institution. You can look into which partnerships a college has on their individual website, and if you are transferring within British Columbia, there is the BC Transfer Guide website that outlines the whole process and lists many partnerships. But some colleges and universities have individual partnerships outside of that website’s database, which is why it’s useful to investigate with the institutions you are looking into transferring between.

If you’ve never heard of a college transfer and are unsure of whether it would be the right path for you, let’s go over the main questions that help explain the press: its potential hurdles and potential benefits.

Why would I want to transfer colleges?

There are a number of reasons why a student would want to transfer from one institution to another. Most of the time, transferring is a voluntary process. Sometimes it is a result of something outside of the control of the student.

Some of the reasons that students look to transfer are:

  • To save money by taking basic courses at a smaller institution or one close to home before transferring to a larger institution out of town
  • To build levels of accreditations, like certificates, and diplomas before moving on to a degree or master
  • To move elsewhere within the province or country
  • To take distance education courses from a variety of places, and transfer back to your “home” institution
  • To take courses closer to home, with smaller class sizes, and more affordable tuition fees
  • For someone restarting or returning to school
  • For someone switching career paths or changing majors
  • For someone new to Canada who needs to retake some courses before they can complete their program or enter this new workforce
  • When a student does not meet the admission requirements for entering a BC university directly, they may be eligible to apply for admission later as a transfer student

More reasons are listed at

College students talking about transferring credits between colleges.

How to best prepare to transfer?

If you get admitted to another institution, and you have courses that are a good match for earning transfer credits, you can use those credits to fulfill some of the requirements for the program or degree you are pursuing. (How Transfer Works. Retrieved from

If you have the ability to plan this transfer ahead of time, then you will find it very easy to ensure you reach your end goal of completing a program or degree. If you have already started a program at one institution and need to transfer to another, you will need to look into what you still need to complete or what you need to retake in order to make the transfer happen.

Here are some helpful steps that will guide you through setting yourself up for transferring:

  1. Do your research ahead of time
  2. Look into what transfer pathways your institution already offers
  3. Be accepted to the new institution before having the admissions check whether you can transfer credits
  4. Arrange to send all of your official transcripts to the new institution
  5. Hang on to your course outlines for all classes
  6. For credits that aren’t part of a transfer program, their admissions team will assess whether courses will transfer as full credits, whether they correspond to a program you wish to take, what grade you received
  7. They will ensure you have the minimum number of qualifying credits for the program you wish to take
  8. Sometimes credits were taken too long ago to be eligible and you will have to retake similar courses

A happy college graduate who successfully transferred colleges to receive the highest education she could before entering the workforce.

We hope to offer more partnership transfers in the future to help you achieve your career dreams through personalized higher education offerings and be the guiding light to your bright future!

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