5 Money-Saving Tips for Students


If you are someone who has recently started up at school again, you are probably starting to realize that your old spending habits are no longer an option anymore. Education itself can take a serious toll on your bank account and with the added expenses and lower income you might be dealing with, it’s wise to adopt some new spending habits.

This week we have compiled a short list of the best money-saving habits for students! Read our tips and feel free to let us in on your best money-saving tips in the comments below!

1. Student Discounts Galore!

As a student with a valid student card, you are eligible for discounts on various goods and services all over the place. All you have to do is ask! For example, the Student Price Card (SPC) allows students to save 10-15% at various stores and food and beverage outlets all over Canada.

2. Cook at Home

Learning how to cook (and actually doing it) is an excellent way to save some pennies while you’re going to school. Ready-to-Serve meals and fast-food are not only more expensive in the long run; they’re also not good for you.

3. Buy School Supplies in Bulk

Stores like Costco and Superstore sell school-supplies in bulk. It might seem like a lot to spend at first, but it will come in handy throughout the school year to have that extra-large bundle of printer paper the night before your term projects are due, believe me.

4. Credit Cards can be Risky!

The world of credit is a slippery slope. If you are bad at managing your spending, be careful! If you are someone who is prompt with payments, then it’s not all bad. Credit cards can earn you points towards goods and services you might need one day!

5. Figure out Your Needs vs. Your Wants

Finally, learn to establish the difference between needs and wants. When you’re living on a limited budget, your needs MUST take priority! Learn to live on the basics while you’re in school and then when you get that awesome job down the line, you can splurge a little on your wants too!

Image courtesy of Duckiemonster, Flickr.

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