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Women in Construction can fill roles from drafting and design to project management to operations and supervision.

3 In-Demand Careers in B.C. That Require Less Than 36 Weeks of School


Looking for a new career but don’t want to spend years in university? Skip the financial and emotional stress that comes with 4+ years of university training, and opt for a hands-on, in-demand technical career. You can finish your diploma and start making a decent living in as little as 35 weeks!

Here’s a look at three fulfilling and well-paying careers in British Columbia that require less than 36 weeks of school:

Architectural Drafter

Build 3-D virtual models of architectural designs using state-of-the-art computer-aided design software. Architectural drafters work alongside architects to create technical plans for buildings, ensuring technical specifications and building codes are met. If you love architecture and technical drawing but don’t want to spend the time or money on years of university, then this may be the career path for you!

Career Outlook and Salary Info:

According to WorkBC, Architectural Technologists, Technicians and Drafters earn between $18.87/hr and $46.53/hr on average. The forecasted average employment growth rate is approximately 1.7% over the next 4 years, with 41% of job openings due to economic growth.

A Brighton College BET student working on AutoCAD.

Civil Engineering Drafter

Civil Engineering is the planning and design of highways, municipal piping systems, transportation systems, land development / subdivision and all other civil infrastructures.

Civil Engineering professionals are responsible for:

  • Reviewing maps and blueprints for code compliance and submitting reports
  • Providing technical support to civil engineers
  • Using computer aided design to document construction sites
  • Create 2D drawings and 3D models for civil infrastructures

Civil engineers often work as government workers on municipal projects, but may also work for private corporations.

Career Outlook and Salary Info:

Typically, Civil Engineering Drafters make between $15.50/hr and $35.00/hr*. According to the B.C. Labour Market Outlook, there are an estimated 1,400 additional job openings accepted in B.C. over the next 10 years, which is a 1.2% forecasted average employment growth rate.

Drafting Technician on computer.

Structural Designer

Compile data, perform calculations and coordinate with the engineers to create construction drawings based upon the needs of a specific structural project. Design and analyze wood, steel and reinforced concrete structures using relevant engineering software. If math and physics are your passion, a career as a structural designer may be the perfect fit!

Career Outlook and Salary Info:

Structural Designers earn on average between $15.50/hr and $35.00/hr*. According to the B.C. Labour Market Outlook, there is a 1.3% forecasted average employment growth rate over the next 4 years.

*Stats from WorkBC

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