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Message from the President


Dear Students,

College training is a stepping-stone into a career. We strive to ensure that the stepping-stones we provide are solid, sure and headed in the right direction.


We provide state of the art equipment and the latest information, delivered by excellent instructors. You will not find a better opportunity to learn what you need to know to work in your chosen career in today’s marketplace.


We monitor your progress through attendance, observation, and exams. Our classes are small. If you skip class or don’t do your homework, we will know and you will be asked to be accountable. We want all of our students to succeed.


We are constantly in touch with employers so that the training we provide is consistent with what is required in the marketplace. We provide information and counselling to help you present yourself to employers, and we provide job-placement assistance. Our reputation as a college will help you find a job. We will keep track of your career and continue to help, if you need it, long after you have graduated.

Brighton College President Patrick Zhao

The ability to communicate effectively in English is a requirement for most jobs. We realize how difficult it is to learn a new language and we provide significant and ongoing opportunities for you to practice your skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking English. Making use of these resources is up to you, but they are as effective as we can make them and are provided free of charge to all our students.

I hope you are getting the impression that we pay close attention to our students and their needs. This is what we do. We care.

Patrick Zhao, MSc.

President, Brighton College