Career Development Services


As a Brighton student, you will not only gain a solid education; you will also have the opportunity to work with our Career Development Services staff in refining your job search strategies and using our network of employers to find potential careers. We teach job search skills on how to:

  • Network to build career connections
  • Locate the best online job postings and develop your LinkedIn profile
  • Research companies and contact potential employers
  • Write a targeted Cover Letter, Resume, and Thank You Letter
  • Develop and practice interviewing skills

We offer a variety of workshops that help build your school or career skills, such as Business English. Our Student Success workshop is tailored to helping you establish a foundation in the skills necessary to succeed at college.

At both campus locations, there are bulletin boards with job postings for specific program backgrounds, as well as some postings from companies who specifically send their job descriptions to the college.

As a Brighton alumnus, you are eligible for life-long job search support and you always have the opportunity to participate in courses and workshops to continually upgrade your skills.

Students engaged in the classroom.

Student Success Workshops

Attending college is a big step, and the transition can be a bit scary. For those who are transitioning from high school to college or are returning to college from being out in the workforce, Brighton College has two courses to help prepare you for the next steps.

Student Success Workshop >
Business English Workshop >

Start your workshop before your classes to get the most out of your orientation opportunities through to your graduation for your bright future.

Career Planning

Our Employment Coordinators provide you with one-on-one consultation for career planning and decision making. We will work with you to find an appropriate placement to practice what you’ve learned in your program.

As you near graduation, the Employment Coordinators will help you refine your job search strategies. They’ll review your employment preferences and guide you as you update your resume and polish your portfolio.

Thanks to a partnership with Resume Target, a professional resume writing service, is pleased to offer access to career-related information and premium resume templates.

Learn more on Brighton College's custom page.

Online Job Search Resources

The following are links to job search websites in Canada that we recommend for our students.
The government of Canada’s one-stop job search website for job seekers and employers.
Job search website by the Public Services Commission of Canada for Careers in the federal public service.
Excellent website about careers in BC, with stats, job search tools, career exploration pages and information about education and training.
The leading Canadian website in the internet recruitment and career transition solutions field. Plenty of job postings and useful career resources.
Monster Canada is part of, the leading global careers and recruitment resource online, huge job search engine.
Canadian-based job search engine.
Canada-based job search website with job posting by location and category, career articles and interview tips.
Canadian job search website dedicated to student and new graduates. Job search, career resources, new grad opportunities and more.
Designed by CIFFA, the CareerConnect center is a broad-based industry job portal that will help you find the right job. The CareerConnect allows job postings by any company, who will post all of their jobs – in Sales, Accounting, Operations, IT, Customer Service, and more.

Students engaged in the classroom.

Work Experience Program

Many programs at Brighton College offer practicum/co-op opportunities after you successfully finish the academic portion of the program.

Work experience and hands-on training are a key component of many Brighton programs. The purpose of this program is to provide you with the opportunity to apply the up-to-date theory and skills you have learned throughout your program of study and to observe other professionals in practical situations. You can expect to acquire situation-specific skills and identify areas that may need to be developed further. You will receive feedback through an evaluation of your work experience performance and have the opportunity to gain valuable contacts in your chosen field.

Students are encouraged to assist in finding their work experience placements if possible. This helps students learn skills necessary to job search in the future. Our Career Services staff will help place students when needed.

Students are expected to interview with their WEP host before accepting a placement. In order for the placement to be confirmed, both parties need to acknowledge the expectations and requirements of the placement by agreeing to the WEP Application and Conditions document.

Students are expected to attend their placement allocated daily hours and manage their own transportation to and from the placement. See the WEP conditions for more details on expectations during this period.

Education institutions in British Columbia are required by law to ensure that every student registered in a course with a practicum or co-op component that involves working with children or vulnerable adults undergoes a Criminal Record Check under the Criminal Records Review Program.


Sarah Lopecillo 

"I came to Brighton College on the recommendation of a friend. I liked the education best, as it was straight to the point and the lessons were really for the future."

Sarah Lopecillo 


Lady Anne Liwanay 

"My previous work experience was data-entry for an environmental lab. I was not satisfied or happy with my chosen career. I want to learn more than just the technical part of the job.  I have learned so much and the instructors are very knowledgeable and inspiring."

Natasha Lavoie 

"It was clear to me from the beginning that Brighton College was a smart choice. The registration process was straightforward and uncomplicated. The team of staff helped with everything from the initial college application to completing the Student Loan documentation. Brighton College provided me with the opportunity I needed to become successful within the career of my choice." 

Natasha Lavoie 


Hoai Chau Nguyen 

"I decided to attend Brighton College because of the short and helpful program options. I could save a lot of time getting my degree. The classes are small, so I had more chances to discuss with the instructors and classmates. People are very friendly and fun here. Felt like a family. I am glad to say I was happy here and I know my decision to study here was right."

Hoai Chau Nguyen


Mary Jean Amaza 

"Before attending Brighton, I took Bachelor of Science in Accounting in the Philippines. I worked in accounting and then shifted into caregiving. Challenge in our country and hard to find a job that pays well. I liked the environment; I was treated as a friend and family. Everyone was approachable. You can always see a smile on their faces. Instructors were very helpful. I have learned a lot and [the experience] made me confident." 

Mary Jean Amaza


See more Testimonials or view My Story Student Spotlights for more success stories. >

Students are able to ask a variety of questions to our Student Services Coordinators at the front desk of both campuses during hours.
Placement Services

Brighton College provides recruitment services to both large and small companies in many industries. Our employment coordinators are experienced in placing highly skilled, job-ready professionals in appropriate positions in which they can start immediately without further training.

Career-Oriented Training

Brighton College students work with materials that closely mirror those of actual working environments. This gives you the hands-on experiences you require to confidently enter the business world upon graduation. Our graduates are accustomed to diligent study and hard work; they are mature and highly motivated to learn, adapt, and be successful in their chosen fields.