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Internet Marketing Diploma

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The purpose of the Internet Marketing Diploma program is to provide students with the knowledge and a complete skill set for becoming an online marketing professional. Students will exit the program with current and comprehensive education around online marketing tools, techniques, strategies, concepts, and best practices employed by leading organizations.

This 36 week program entails 32 weeks of internet marketing course instruction and a 4-week practicum. During their coursework, students will attend class 20 hours a week entailing lecture and discussion. An additional 5 hours a week will be devoted to exercises and tutorials. The practicum consists of 4 weeks of work experience, whereby each student will be at various small and mid-sized internet marketing businesses within the lower mainland. The successful completion of 15 internet marketing courses (including 4 weeks of practicum time) is required for program graduation. A Brighton College Internet Marketing Diploma will be granted to students who successfully complete the program.

The program duration is 36 Weeks:
32 Weeks theory classes, 4 Weeks practicum

The theory class is 20 hours per week:
20 hours lecture & discussion

Admission Requirements

  • High school diploma (or equivalent) or mature student status;
  • Domestic: Grade 10 English or pass College English assessment; International student: IELTS 6.0 proof (or equivalent) or pass College English assessment

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    Blending Creativity with Technology
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    Competing in Specialized Markets
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    Managing Challenging Projects
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    Working with Real-World Budgets
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    Where Creativity Meets Technology


  • Entry-level Jobs
  • Online Marketing Coordinator
  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Affiliate Marketing Coordinator
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  • Web Analytics Specialist
  • Digital Media Strategist
  • Internet Marketing Consultant
  • Career Paths
  • Internet marketing Manager, Marketing Director
  • Director of Marketing, VP of Marketing
  • Affiliate marketing manager, Internet marketing Manager
  • Director of Search Marketing, Online marketing Manager

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The Internet Marketing Diploma Program contains 15 essential courses. All courses are either lecture/seminar based or hands on workshops, with the exception of a 4-week practicum. At the end of the program the students will graduate with Brighton College Diploma and will become Google Adwords certified upon successful complete all required courses and Google Adwords outside exam.

WMA 100, 1 Week | Introduction to Marketing
In this course, students are introduced to the basic and core concepts, theories, and principles of internet marketing. Topics covered include marketing strategy, marketing fundamentals, target markets, identifying demographics, and understanding industry standard internet marketing campaigns and best practices.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Comprehension, Analytical Skills, Writing
WMA 110, 1 Week | Marketing Communications
This course covers concepts and principles of brand reputation, image, and the importance of clear and concise marketing messaging. Analysis of advertising, marketing language and how to build and maintain a brand will be core aspects of this marketing communications course.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Comprehension, Analytical Skills, Communications
WMA 120, 2 Weeks | Online Marketing Research
This course covers methods, processes, key tactics and tools used when conducting accurate and efficient online marketing research. This course will examine the importance of data gathering, reporting, and research design as well as understanding valuable research techniques.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Research, Analytical Skills, Calculating
WMA 130, 1 Weeks | Web Site Architecture
This course is designed to enhance the student's understanding of web site architecture by covering key components in internet marketing such as understanding web languages, organizing web data, structuring navigation, and understanding the uses and functions of everyday web technologies. This online marketing course will touch on the relationships between web technologies and data.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Data Analysis, Problem Solving, Language Development
WMA 200, 4 Weeks | Web Programming (HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, and FTP)
This course is geared towards students who are interested in developing skills in understanding and working with HTML, CSS, and other web programming languages through a variety of web and media tools. Students will also receive a working knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver and understand how to create and edit web functionality with current web programming languages.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Computer Software Skills, Programming, Language Development
WMA 210, 3 Weeks | Web Media (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere)
This course teaches students how to produce various forms of web media through industry standard tools and best practice techniques and methods. Students will learn to demonstrate a working knowledge of basic Adobe Photoshop image editing and web media producing skills as well as video editing and production skills using Adobe Premiere. This online marketing course will prepare students for a role in Graphic and Media Design.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Image Editing, Video Editing, Computer Software Skills
WMA 300, 2 Weeks | Social Media Marketing
This course teaches students how to develop social media marketing strategies and campaigns that can be used to build customer engagement, brand awareness, and conversion results. Popular social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube will be examined thoroughly. The relationships between social media tools, their user experience, value proposition, and analytics will be key components of this online marketing course.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Computer Software Skills, Social Media Skills, Analytical Skills
WMA 310, 2 Weeks | Email Marketing
This course outlines the tactics and strategies behind effective email marketing. It focuses on the capture of user email data as well as development of an effective email template understanding the importance of key email marketing metrics and analytics. In this internet marketing course, students will also understand opt in standards as well as internet spam rules and regulations.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Communications, Analytical Skills, Internet Skills
WMA 320, 1 Week | Content Management Systems
This course explains the variety of Content Management Systems available to a web developer in today's online landscape. Understanding the importance and role of Content Management Systems from a web site architecture, web programming, and online marketing perspective will be an integral focus.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Programming, Internet Skills, Analytical Skills
WMA 400, 3 Weeks | Website Analysis (Google Analytics)
This course provides a student with the foundational skills and knowledge required to properly gather, interpret, and organize data for the purpose of making focused and targeted online marketing decisions. Analyzing marketing campaigns, website performance, conversion strategies, and search engine optimization effectiveness will be key areas of emphasis. This course will also introduce students to industry standard tools used to analyze all areas of a website.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Internet Skills, Analytical Skills, Comprehension, Problem Solving
WMA 410, 3 Weeks | Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
This course provides a thorough understanding of the concepts, principles, and techniques of Search Engine Optimization. This course covers all areas of Search Engine Optimization including technical SEO, on page and off page SEO, as well as writing optimized content for the web. Students will develop a proper understanding of how search engines index, rank, and produce search results and the factors on a website that influence those items.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Writing, Comprehension, Critical Thinking
WMA 420, 4 Weeks | Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
This course will provide students with the foundation, concepts, techniques, and best practices in Pay per Click marketing across a variety of networks and channels. An emphasis will be placed on Google, Yahoo, and Bing Pay per Click marketing with other channels such as YouTube and Facebook being included. Keyword optimization, keyword research, landing page optimization, and conversion testing will all be prominent topics in this online marketing course. Students will become Google Adwords Certified at the end of the course completion.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Writing, Comprehension, Critical Thinking
WMA 500, 1 Week | Project Management
Students in this course will understand the concepts, principles, and processes of successful and efficient project management. Students will better understand working in a web team environment that involves multiple tasks, across multiple team members, within the same project, and how to best handle this working experience. Prioritizing tasks, mind mapping and project planning will be covered as well. By the end of the course students will be able to create a proper proposal for Internet Marketing projects.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Project Management, Time Management, Teamwork
WMA 600, 4 Weeks | Web Marketing Project
The course is a hands-on test of a number of concepts presented throughout the previous courses and focuses on implementing and administering internet marketing works via an assigned project. Teamwork skills will be enhanced through group project completion, giving students the opportunity to apply what they have learned to a real business environment.

A major component of this project will involve the development, management and marketing of a real-world campaign, where Brighton College will allocate actual spending budgets to teams, allowing for freedom and flexibility in spending decisions to meet project goals.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Teamwork, Budgeting, Problem Solving
WMA 700, 4 Weeks | Practicum
The last course consists of 4 weeks of work experience / practicum, whereby each student will be at various small and mid-sized businesses within the lower mainland. The purpose of this time is to apply the theory and skills learned throughout the program and observe professionals in practical situations. The students will also acquire situational-specific skills and identify areas that may need to be developed further. Students receive feedback and evaluation of their performance and gain valuable contacts in this diverse field.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Communication, Workplace Skills, Situational Problem Solving
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