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See What Our Students Have to Say!

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brighton College and Marilyn for all that they have done for me during this last year.

I have attended other government programs and private colleges and believe me; they do not have near the flexibility as Brighton College has offered me. Unlike other colleges, Brighton was able support me through 2 unexpected family crises’ while attending their RCA program at the Surrey Campus.

Brighton’s handpicked Health-Care Coordinator Marilyn is amazingly successful with blending her own experiences of being a RN with the Colleges’ curriculum. A special kind of ‘magic’ happens in her classroom as she guides you through the 6 month program. Students who wouldn’t normally mix end up coming together and form this amazing bond that ends up giving you the security and confidence you need to then enter your Practicum and Preceptorship.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to reach my full potential!”

Nadya was born in Moscow, Russia where she attained a degree in Fine Arts. Soon after she completed her university degree Nadya became an Accountant with a large Russian company where she ended up staying for eleven years. While she was there, she rotated through various job positions within the accounting department, but when she tried out a payroll position, she found that it was her passion. She worked for the payroll department for six years.

Two years ago, her family decided to make the move to Canada. They spent time adjusting to Canadian customs but after a brief adjustment period, she knew it was time to search for a job. After a tireless search, Nadya realized that Canadian Accounting and Payroll systems work differently than the systems of her home country; they require a specialized education. She already knew she wanted to continue working in the Payroll field so she began to research.

Nadya researched various public and private schools in the Lower Mainland. She found that many public schools have very long programs and preferred to find a shorter program since she already had six years of experience. When she found Brighton College, she arranged for a visit and soon after meeting with an advisor and touring the campus, she decided Brighton was the school that best suited her needs.

“I feel that I made the correct choice in choosing Brighton College” Nadya commented. “My experience was very positive. 90% of my success is because of the instructors, they were just great. Honestly, I had gone in with lower expectations, but I was so surprised at the level of professionalism and intelligence I found at Brighton College.”

Nadya was hired shortly after completion of her Computerized Accounting Diploma. She is now a Payroll Manager at White Spot’s Head Office!

Congratulations Nadya!

Justin Tunnicliffe was home-schooled throughout his grade-school years. After attaining his high school diploma he found work as a security guard in Metrotown Mall. Eventually he decided that he wanted to go back to school and began researching thoroughly at the various schools that had healthcare programs in the Lower Mainland.

Upon discovering what Brighton College had to offer, Justin decided it was worth a visit to the new campus where he met with various staff as well as the HCA/RCA instructor, Marilyn. “I was very impressed with the attitudes of the school counselors, how the courses were taught and the care that the instructors have for their students” he reflected.

Very recently, Justin started his classes in the Resident Care Attendant program in Surrey and is enjoying it immensely! “It has taken me out of my comfort zones of today and forced me to adapt to the scheduling of projects, exams and presentations too!”

Good luck Justin!

Carol came to Canada 5 years ago from Beijing, China with a degree in International Business. She had previous experience working as an educational consultant but when she came to Canada she decided that she wished to work within her field of study once again. To aide in learning English, Carol worked in the food and beverage industry for 2 years which she said really helped pick up the language.

When Carol felt she had outgrown her food and beverage job she went looking for a way to get back into the International Business sector in Canada. “I wanted to find a more professional job away from typical labour jobs” she said. “I think having a local diploma is useful for finding this kind of job” referring to her newly acquired job as a Distribution Agent for Expeditors Canada.

Brighton College was ideal for Carol for a few reasons: It had a revered practicum program and it was intensive; she learned a lot in a shorter period of time than she could have at other schools.

“The instructor was very experienced, friendly and reachable. I could ask him questions any time and always get an answer. Also I found that the employment coordinator I worked with was really excellent. She helped me a lot!”

Carol took her practicum with Expeditors Canada for 7 weeks. Upon her initial completion date after 4 weeks unfortunately the company had no job openings so she decided she would stick around as a practicum worker in case something opened up and only 3 weeks later it did! Carol was hired! She has worked with the company consistently since then and just moved into a new department working as a Distribution Agent. “It’s a challenging job, but that’s why I like it more!”

Thanks to Carol for taking time out of her day to show us around her office and a huge thank you to everyone at Expeditors Canada for being so kind to us while we were visiting!

Prior to attending Brighton College Garth was working with muscular dystrophy clients in their homes helping them with day-to-day activities. He was hired at the job through word-of-mouth, and he found that he really enjoyed the field. From this experience Garth already knew he wanted to go to school for Healthcare.

In order to further his experience in the field of healthcare, Garth decided that it was time to go back to school to attain a diploma to add credit to his work. When he started classes at Brighton, he found that the mix of educational study time, fun methods and new approaches really helped him connect with the material and “the social benefits are a bonus!”

We wish Garth luck with his future endeavours!

Going through a career change at any point in one’s life can be scary. At a point in her life when most in her position would be winding down their career, Michele Rhame decided it was time for a change.

Born and raised in Canada, Michele enjoyed her work with the TB Vets of Canada. In her time there she took on various roles, but found that her favorite place to be was in the shipping department surrounded by incoming and outgoing shipments bound for places all over British Columbia. Eventually when the company was forced to downsize she began working with Work BC to find a proper career path that both excited and challenged her.

Through her Work BC research, Rhame found that her best course of action was to get certified for her dream job. She soon embarked upon a new adventure in search of an educational facility that could get her working fast! She knew she wanted to be involved in a career that involved international distribution and with her research found that Vancouver’s import and export industry is growing with excellent opportunities for employment. She found Brighton College’s 36 week International Trade and Freight Forwarding Diploma and soon decided this was the program for her.

“Terry is phenomenal” Rhame said of instructor Terry Grey. “His finesse, his way of expressing the information… he doesn’t sound like a textbook at all. He uses his personal experiences in the industry to get students interested.” Michele particularly enjoyed that the classes were smaller and more intimate, but believe me; Michele’s personality would stand out in any classroom ten times the size.

We met Michele at her workplace Panalpina. This company is a key player in providing supply chain solutions in the trade industry. With an office in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Michele gets to enjoy a beautiful view of the coastal mountains right from her desk.

Everyone at Panalpina had wonderful things to say about Michele, who had recently been hired from her practicum for a full-time position in ocean freight documentation. We were given a full tour of the office and an overview of her daily tasks working in ocean import and export. Michele also mentioned that “the company is like a perfect marriage for what I learned at Brighton. Things I learned in class are directly applicable to my new job!”

“I really would recommend this program to anyone and everyone. It helps you get your certifications and I even got a job out of it!”

We would like to thank Michele for taking the time out of her busy work day to meet with us and to Panalpina for allowing us to see behind the scenes of their bustling office!

Habiba came to Canada in her teen-age years. With intentions of becoming a Social Services Worker, she started at a post-secondary institution shortly after completing high school. “The program required many volunteer hours prior to being able to start classes and I decided I just couldn’t afford to keep volunteering anymore.”

Eventually, in search of new school prospects, Habiba found Brighton College and its Resident Care Attendant program. The flexible class schedule and the excellent price of the program itself were enticing and eventually after meeting Marilyn the HCA/RCA instructor, her mind was made up.

For Habiba, having experienced life at a different school led her to believe that there would be little community on campus and the teachers would be scary, but as soon as she met Marilyn she knew at Brighton it would be different.

“Marilyn looked so young (and she’s really pretty!); I never would have guessed that she would be so smart and already have worked as a RN for a while. She gives you everything you need to be successful.” Toto felt that the way Marilyn engaged each and every healthcare student was incredibly beneficial.

As of June 2013, Habiba is currently embarking on her first weeks in her practicum at Guildford Seniors Village. We wish her all the best with her practicum and everything that her new career throws her way!

“When I came to Canada, I just knew a little about AutoCAD and knew nothing about the B.C. Building Code. I worked in a structural steel detailing company but my knowledge is limited until I found Brighton College where I took up “Civil Infrastructure Design Technology” program that made me excel in AutoCAD and acquire knowledge in the B.C. Building Code, Structural Analysis & Design, Urban Municipal Service Design, as well as Surveying & Road Design. Now that I have work experience in a structural consulting company for more than 2 years, I got my designation as a registered AScT. I would be glad to recommend Brighton College to others.”

Moving to a new country and starting over can be challenging for anyone, especially when it’s half-way across the world! With dreams of a better future for herself and her children, Fatemeh Matin and her family decided to make the move to Canada. Having worked for more than 15 years as a nurse in Iran, Fatemeh already knew she wanted to continue to work in healthcare when she and her family came to Vancouver 2 years ago.

After struggling to find a job with her Iranian training, she decided that ultimately it was time to consider going back to school to update her skills and attain Canadian certifications.

With some thorough research of private and public schools in the Lower Mainland she found that Brighton College’s Health Care Assistant program fit her needs perfectly. The College’s program fit within her busy schedule with two kids at home, it was available at a reasonable price, and the content of the program greatly appealed to her.

When Fatemeh’s start date finally arrived in October 2012 she was pleased with what she found: “a warm reception, feelings of mutual respect, and feeling welcome right from the start. I met helpful, kind and problem solver employees during my courses at Brighton College” Fatemeh remarked, reminiscing.

Fatemeh said that her 19 weeks of classes at Brighton were both exciting and challenging. She noted that her instructors worked closely with her to ensure a productive but friendly learning experience which really encouraged her to complete each and every challenge the HCA program offered.

Fatemeh was placed in a practicum at Northcrest Care Centre where she was offered a wonderful opportunity to get involved in learning more about Canadian systems of healthcare and how everything worked. With her previous experience, this practicum proved to be really beneficial and to top it off her practicum placement was flexible, allowing her to spend time with her family which she really appreciated! Having recently completed her practicum she only just attended her graduation ceremony and is ready to embark on her job hunt with the help of our employment advisor, Anita!

We look forward to seeing what amazing opportunities come to Fatemeh post-graduation and we wish her the best of luck embarking on her future as a newly trained HCA graduate!

Congratulations Fatemeh!

“Before I came to Canada, I was a structural engineer with more than ten years of experience in structural design. I moved to Canada in 2007 and I used to work in a food company because it was very difficult to find a suitable job for me. I decided to go back to school and take the AutoCAD program.

Brighton College’s program was perfect for me and the class schedule was very flexible. During my training at Brighton College I learned a lot about BC building codes and new drafting skills.

My teacher Edward found me a great work experience term at IRC Building Science Group and after graduation they offered me to be a part of their team! I work as an AutoCAD technician and I am very happy with my job.”

I was a consultant in Toronto and when I moved to Vancouver, I was looking for a change in career and stumbled upon International Trade and Freight Forwarding with high employment rate after graduation.  Realizing the importance of trade and Vancouver being a port city, I knew this was the industry for me.  After researching different schools, I attended an information session at Brighton College and was given the opportunity to attend a class in session.  With flexible class schedules and a fun atmosphere, enrollment was an easy decision.

My overall experience at Brighton was fantastic.  I certainly benefited from the up-to-date and relevant curriculum offered.  I was adamant in choosing a career in an industry where the curriculum met the requirement of today’s economy and this program did not disappoint.  And the fact that it offered a work experience component was a huge bonus. I learned ropes of the trade first hand and got hands-on experience at one of the largest freight forwarding companies in Richmond.  The icing on the cake is that I went from finishing my work experience term to full time employment without delay!

I really enjoyed interacting with all the staff including the executive members.  Not only did I find them knowledgeable, but also very down to earth and friendly.  One of the things that I benefited from the most was the fact that classes were interactive and participation was highly encouraged.  After all, what you put into it is what you get out of it!  The ever so engaging and enthusiastic instructor made every class fun to attend.

Whether you are looking for a change in career or wanting to get Canadian credential for your existing career, the staff is there to help you choose what’s right for you.  At no time I felt pressured in making my decision.

“Before coming to Canada two years ago, I completed my Nursing Degree in India. After arriving in Canada I had several odd jobs in different positions, and that is when I decided to pursue a career in health care and take an RCA program at a local college.

I had a very good experience at Brighton College. Brighton College had a friendly environment, very encouraging instructors, and supportive staff. Smaller class sizes helped me to participate more in the class activities and I had more opportunities to interact with the teacher and the classmates. At the end of my program, I was sent to Dufferin Care Centre in Coquitlam to do my work experience term. I am very happy that a few weeks after I graduated I got a job offer from Dufferin Care Centre.

Looking back at this experience, I would recommend this program to any student interested in health care.”

Before coming to Canada in 1999, I graduated from a university in South China and I had worked as a project technician for three years. After arriving in Canada I completed my studies at UBC and I worked for BC Hydro as a project coordinator for two years. I was laid off in 2009 and was looking for new job opportunities. When my friend introduced me to Brighton College I was excited to find out that the construction and drafting technician diploma program taught students how to use some new technologies such as Civil 3D, advanced AutoCAD and Revit.

Brighton College provides an excellent study environment including intensive courses and flexible schedules. When I completed my diploma program in April 2011, I was placed at one Associated Engineering Firm in Burnaby to do my work experience term and after one month of working there I became a full time employee in that firm. During my time at Brighton College I met many new friends from different cultures and was able to enjoy many different social activities. I would definitely recommend Brighton College to others.

Before coming to Canada I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and for six years I had been working in the Civil Engineering industry. In 2009 I lost my job as a civil engineering draftsperson. I tried to find another job in the same or similar area for months but I didn’t have any luck. Then I decided to join Brighton College to update my technical skills.

I had a very good experience at Brighton College. I learned a lot of new practical technical skills. The program was intensive and provided me with the opportunity to learn a lot in short period of time. The classes were small and there was a lot of engagement and interaction with the teachers. My instructor was extremely knowledgeable and he found me an excellent work experience term in a civil engineering firm. After I graduated I was immediately hired by an engineering company. If you see your future in the Civil Infrastructure Technology, Brighton College is the place to go.

I got my accounting diploma in China 20 years ago. I worked for several companies over 15 years. I wanted to give my child good education, so I came to Canada 5 years ago. I tried to look for a job in my field. But soon I realized that without local education and local experience, I had little chances to get employed. Therefore, I decided to enroll in Brighton College Computerized Accounting and Office Diploma.

My favourite teacher was Colin. He was very professional and engaging. I was also lucky to have a great Employment coordinator Katy who helped me write an excellent resume and taught me job search skills. I got enough confidence and knowledge to be able to find an accounting job right after the completion of my work experience term.

“Before coming to Canada I was an Electrical Design Engineer in China and I had just completed my Master’s degree.

I moved to Canada in 2005 with my family. I decided to attend Brighton College to update my skills and to improve my chances of getting a job. I had a very good experience at Brighton College. The staff was friendly and experienced. One of the major attractions for me was the flexibility of the class schedule. I formed a nice study group early on and we were all a great support for each other. My teacher Edward gave me responsibilities, guided me and taught me a lot. He also helped me with my job search. After graduating I was immediately offered a job at CWA Engineering Firm. I will certainly miss all the wonderful people I have met at Brighton College.”

“I went to Brighton College to gain added computer skills specifically in network administration. What I got was a lot more. Their team of experts has created both an excellent learning environment and a support network for my computer development needs. I freely recommend them to anyone that is interested in the network administration.”

I came to Canada in 1997 with my parents because my home country, Serbia, was involved in war. I got my schooling in Robert Land Academy,  Ontario. When I decided to further my education, I was attracted to International Trade and Freight Forwarding Program at Brighton College because it appeared to be a fast track to a career in very exciting field.

Not only was it the duration of the program, but also the small class size and the general atmosphere that made my experience in Brighton college an outstanding experience. Professional and approachable teachers supported me throughout my studies. At my work experience term with Livingstone International I was exposed to the real world of International Trade by working alongside a customs broker.

As a participant in a job search program provided by the college, I was invited for a mock interview to a logistics company, which turned out to be a real job interview: they offered me a position of a traffic broker!

“I had a very positive experience at Brighton College, with professional and helpful instructors. I graduated from the Accounting Program with excellent marks and a Canadian Payroll Certificate. During my program, I was placed in a work experience term with a local accounting firm who offered me a job after graduation.

I will always be grateful for the training and encouragement that I received from Brighton College.”

“Before coming to Canada four years ago, I completed my Bachelors Degree in Construction. After moving to Canada I worked in a warehouse and I was learning English at the same time. I decided to join Brighton College because I wanted to acquire new skills.

I had a very good experience at Brighton College, and I learned everything about the local construction industry. Brighton College had a friendly environment, very encouraging instructors, and supportive staff. At the end of my program, I was sent to a construction management company in Vancouver to do my work experience term. Shortly after my term, I found a great job in a local company!

Thank you Brighton College!”

I moved to Vancouver from Ottawa where I worked at a mobility aid store. I was drawn to Brighton College because of the flexible schedule and the programs it offered. The friendly staff gave me some great advice which helped me choose the right program. The International Trade and Freight Forwarding Program best suited my skills and interests. All the teachers made studying a beneficial and enjoyable experience. Not only did I become certified in the International Trade industry, but I also gained a college diploma! After graduating, I was offered a contract at a commercial lease & finance company owned by Scotia Bank, where I am currently employed as a client service coordinator.

“My instructor at Brighton College did a great job, not only presenting the material, but also teaching it. He related the concepts well to the things we previously covered so we were building on our knowledge base. He also included topics that have proven useful from his experience in the industry. I’m very pleased. Thanks!

The instructors at Brighton College are excellent. They prepared me for a future in Computer Aided Drafting and Design. Through Brighton College’s work experience program, I was able to get a hands on view of Drafting and my new career. Thank you, Brighton College.”

“Before attending Brighton College I competed in many international athletic events. I won a bronze medal in discus throwing at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne Australia, and even competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. My goal is to get gold at the next Commonwealth Games.

For right now my focus is on school though. I wanted to get high quality training in a field I would love, so Brighton College was a good choice! I am currently attending the International Trade program at Brighton, which is providing me with globally recognized FITT qualifications. I am very excited about this program because I speak 5 different languages and used to work as a translator of Danish and Swedish in Denmark, so I am happy to study Importing and Exporting. The program has been very interesting so far and everyone has been great; I know the training I am learning here will help me with my future.”

“I came to Canada 4 years ago with a background in civil engineering and I couldn’t find a job without Canadian certification and experience in Vancouver. I always wanted to upgrade the knowledge in my field with AutoCAD and civil engineering design that’s why I went to Brighton College.

During my time there I studied Construction Estimating ,AutoCAD ,Architectural Desktop, Land Development Desktop, Health and Safety Construction. I’m really enjoying the subjects.

There’s nothing too difficult in the program. All the teachers are great, they inspire us, help with our assignments, always help with job finding, and give us useful advice.

My classmates were amazing. There were about 15 students in my class. There were 5 students from my country, Iran, and students from other countries such as Africa, and the Philippines .It’s a good and fun experience to study with different people of different nationalities. I found a lot of good friends.”

Prior to immigrating to Canada in 1996, Mei Mei was a computer programmer in Taiwan. Though she very much enjoyed her life in Taiwan, she decided on the move to Canada in hopes of providing her children with a better educational environment. Upon resuming her career as a programmer, she unfortunately incurred challenges and began weighing her career options. She ultimately sought to attend Brighton College upon the advice of a good friend who attended the college and subsequently secured an excellent job.

Mei Mei describes the staff and instructors at Brighton College as helpful and friendly, always doing their best to meet individual needs of all students.  She also indicates that the college provided her with relevant skills and knowledge to meet current labour market demands. “Thank you Brighton College! You made my life much easier!”

Prior to immigrating to Canada in 2010, Jayantha was a Mechanical Engineer with more than 27 years of experience, including as a Managing Director. His sole reason for coming to Canada was to give his children exposure to the Canadian culture. His job search turned out be a challenging task, having sent out more than 400 resumes. A friend of Jayantha suggested he gain Canadian credentials and recommended that he seek information on the AutoCAD Drafting and Design Specialist program at Brighton College.

He eventually enrolled in the program. He states “superb” as the one word to describe his experience, noting the friendliness and helpfulness of both the staff and the instructors. He also acknowledges the friendships he built with his classmates. Brighton College provided a “home atmosphere”.

Arriving in Vancouver in 2001, Alwin accepted a retail position at a 7-Eleven. Following the decision to return to the profession in which he once worked as a Civil Engineer, he happily accepted an offer to attend the Civil Infrastructure Design Technology program at Brighton College. Alwin stated that Brighton has instructors who are dedicated to student success, along with a supportive team of staff who are accommodating and helpful. He further commented that the program delivered relevant and up-to date curriculum and provided him with the valuable experience of a work experience term.