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Work Experience

Work experience and hands-on training are an extremely important part of our programs. The purpose of this activity is to provide you with the opportunity to apply the up-to-date theory and skills you have learned throughout the program and to observe other professionals in practical situations. You can expect to acquire situational-specific skills and identify areas that may need to be developed further. You will receive feedback through an evaluation of your work experience performance and have the opportunity to gain valuable contacts in your chosen field.

Students are encouraged to assist in finding their work experience placements.

As you near graduation, the Employment Coordinators will help you refine your job search strategies. They’ll review your employment preferences, and guide you as you update your resume and polish your portfolio. Staff will then use our network of employers to help you find opportunities specifically suited to you.

Work Experience Testimonials

The following are our student testimonials regarding their work experience placements

Charles Liu – CAD and Construction Technician Program, Graduate Student.

“I would like to thank my instructor, Edward for helping me find a work experience term. The work experience that I gained from this term was really valuable because I not only learned the practical part of what I’ve studied in school but also what I hadn’t learned in school. This company offered me an amazing job during my work experience term and I am happy that I took it!”

Hsiao Ping Chang – International Trade Program, Graduate Student.

“I would like to thank employment coordinators Sherri and Terry for helping me find both my work experience term and job in the trading and logistics field and for the quality college training that has prepared me for what my current job requires.”

Juan Zhou – Business and Accounting Program, Graduate Student.

“The 4-week work experience term included in my accounting program at Brighton College has given me a chance to implement what I’ve learned at school to the real world. The work experience that I gained from the work experience company was really valuable because I got to practice what I had studied in college but also had the opportunity to learn what I wasn’t able to learn in college. The work experience placement and college training combined gave me a big enhancement to my career path. I am now working as a payroll clerk in a good company!”

Work Experience Students

Work experience and professional practice are extremely important parts of our programs. The purpose of this is to give students the opportunity to put into practice the up-to-date theory and skills learned throughout their programs, and to observe other professionals in practical situations. Through work experience placements, students learn situational-specific skills and are likely to identify areas that may need to be developed further. Students receive feedback and evaluation of their performance and gain valuable contacts in their respective fields through networking.

Education institutions in British Columbia are required by law to ensure that every student registered in a course with a practicum or co-op component that involves working with children or vulnerable adults undergoes a Criminal Record Check under the Criminal Records Review Program.

Job Placement Services

Brighton College provides recruitment services to both large and small companies in many industries. Our employment coordinators are experienced in placing highly skilled, job-ready professionals in appropriate positions in which they can start immediately without further training.

Brighton College Career Centre

Our students have access to the Brighton College Career Centre, a targeted tool that combines job search engines into one location for students to browse job postings, internships, and volunteer positions. A list of employers in Brighton College’s network also uses this tool to communicate job postings exclusively to our students!

Career-Oriented Training and Student Maturity

Brighton College students work with materials that closely mirror those of actual working environments. This gives them the hands-on experiences they require to confidently enter the business world upon graduation. Our graduates are accustomed to diligent study and hard work; they are mature and highly motivated to learn, adapt, and be successful in Canada.