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International Trade Certificate


NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) & the new WTO (World Trade Organization) agreements are revolutionizing international trade and creating millions of new business opportunities. Responsive to standards and demands of industry for training in this field, Brighton College has become a platinum accredited partner with FITT (Forum for International Trade Training) to deliver our program.

Admission Requirements

  • High school diploma (or equivalent) or mature student status;
  • Domestic: Grade 10 English or pass College English assessment; International student: IELTS 6.0 proof (or equivalent) or pass College English assessment

The International Trade Program is Accredited by:


Students will receive the following certifications upon successful completion of program and required exams:

  • Brighton International Trade and Freight Forwarding Diploma
  • FITTskills Diploma, with at least one year of work experience, eligible for the Certified International Trade Professional (C.I.T.P.) designation
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    Global Learning Opportunities
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    An Education without Borders
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    Opportunities for Travel
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    A Career without Boundaries


  • Entry-level Jobs
  • Import/Export Coordinator
  • Customs Broker Assistant
  • Freight Forwarder
  • Import Export Sales Clerk
  • Traffic Scheduling - Carrier
  • International Broker / Agent
  • International Trade Consultant
  • Career Paths
  • Customs Agent (CCRS Training Required)
  • Procurement Clerk (Purchasing Course may be Required)
  • DFAIT Researcher (Research Diploma may be Required)
  • DFAIT Country Desk Officer (Call Centre)

Potential Earnings

The following chart shows potential earnings in the International Trade industry.
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FITT100, 40 Hours, 2 Weeks | Global Value Chain
The Global Value Chain course examines aspects of the primary activities of Distribution and Inventory Management, and the supporting activities of Document Management and Procurement, which are integral to international trade logistics. Doing business in/with foreign markets requires consideration of different regulatory, financial, geographical and cultural and consumer requirements.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Planning, Forward Thinking, Advising
FITT200, 40 Hours, 2 Weeks | International Trade Finance
Currency exchange fluctuations, political instability, and force de majeure events, are integral considerations to international financial management. This course examines how organizations can manage their finances and mitigate financial risk by selecting appropriate transaction methods and tools for their international trade activities. Learners will consider negotiation terms, non-payment dispute resolution and cash flow management.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Managing, Coordinating, Organizing
FITT300, 60 Hours, 3 Weeks | International Market Entry Strategies
The International Market Entry Strategies course examines individuals in organizations need to know and do to ensure the success of new international ventures. International trade practitioners must research entry options, and then select the most effective entry strategies and strategic partnerships for their needs. The organization of the selected market entry strategies will require management of both direct and indirect exports. It may also require development and management of business arrangements such as foreign mergers or acquisitions, or foreign franchising or licensing.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Analytical Skills, Critical Analysis, Financing
FITT400, 60 Hours, 3 Weeks | Feasibility of International Trade
The course Feasibility of International Trade examines the critical steps and decisions needed to determine the feasibility of potential international trade initiatives. Market research, analysis of organizational readiness, cost analysis, and risk analysis are all required in order to decide if a concept fits with a company’s strategic direction and improves the bottom line of an organization. Risk analysis then leads to the development of strategies to mitigate identified risks.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Strategizing, Planning, Negotiating
FITT500, 60 Hours, 3 Weeks | International Sales and Marketing
Marketing is the key in ensuring an organization’s product or service is seen to fit the needs and interests of an international target market. While marketing can create the demand, an effective sales strategy is essential to profit from this demand. This course details consideration and organization must make when promoting and selling products and or services beyond its domestic borders.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Promotion, Planning, Decision Making
FITT600, 60 Hours, 3 Weeks | Development of Product and Services for a Global Market
The course Development of Product and Services for a Global Market addresses the necessity that products and services sold or traded internationally may require modification. This course addresses differences in regulatory, legal, cultural and consumer/client requirements that might in the need to conform to these requirements by adapting products and services.

Skills and Benefits Acquired - Research, Risk Analysis, Data Analysis
ENHANCE YOUR CAREER International Trade Certificate

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