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Advanced Business

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Advanced Business Management

Advanced Business Management

84 Week Diploma, 24 Week Co-op Included
Focuses on advanced business.

Advanced Business Management in Accounting

Adv. Bus. Mgmt. in Accounting

80 Week Diploma, 16 Week Co-op Included
Focuses on financial and managerial accounting concepts in business.

The Industry

Business is everywhere, it makes the world go round! The business field is characterized as an extremely diverse field  encompassing public and private organizations in the product and service industries. From construction to healthcare, no industry can survive without business professionals managing the operations, finances, market strategies and practically any other business operations.

Expanding employment in the professional business services sector is expected to add approximately 11,060 jobs in BC between 2010 and 2015 (Statistics Canada, 2011). Marketing, Human Resources and Accounting are popular choices of career areas pursued by business professionals.

Summary of our Advanced Business Management Program

Brighton College offers advanced business management diplomas for those who wish to specialize in a particular business area (Accounting, Human Resources or Marketing) or who wish to strengthen their practical business skills with additional hands-on work experience. Upon completing required courses, students will enrol in a co-op placement term where they will integrate their knowledge of business theory and apply it to businesses in action.