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Why YOU Should Consider an Internet Marketing Career


With the daily exponential expansion of information on the Internet, more and more businesses are advertising through websites, social media, and other online platforms. Internet marketing is an incredibly dynamic field with many opportunities such as social media marketing, email marketing, paid advertising and search engine optimization. For those who are interested in a career in internet marketing, here are some reasons why a career in this field may be for you.

1) Job Stability –Traditional advertising is no longer as important to marketers; less money is being spent on newspaper ads, radio ads and other forms of traditional marketing, while most businesses are spending more of their budget on online advertising. Although having a strong traditional marketing background is beneficial, having a certificate in internet marketing is sufficient for a stable online marketing career. Paid listings on websites, advertising with search engines such as Google, investing in websites and social media are all common ways in which businesses spend money advertising online. By choosing a career in online marketing, you can have job stability knowing businesses will always continue to invest online.

2) Be Your Own Boss – Many internet marketers choose to become self-employed and create their own client base. With a Diploma in Internet Marketing, you can start your own business or become a sub-contractor and contract out to other marketing firms.

3) Get an Office Dream Job – Many people are looking for a fun office job, which is few and far between. Internet marketers utilize websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites for advertising and marketing purposes, making it a unique and fun career!

4) Work from Home – Although some internet marketer’s work in an office for a company, many choose to work from home. Some companies allow their internet marketers to work a few days a week in the office and a few days from home. In addition, working as a subcontractor or for oneself will allow the freedom to work from home as well. This career path is perfect for people who are unable to leave the home often due to children, disabilities, and a myriad of other reasons.

5) Dynamic Career – Internet marketing is a dynamic career as social media and search engines are constantly changing. Those who enjoy change and thrive in a dynamic environment will find this career to be exciting and will enjoy going to work every day.

6) No Bachelor’s Degree Required – Those who would like a well-paying career without having to do a four-year bachelor’s degree will thrive in the internet marketing industry. Since search engines and social media platforms are changing constantly, it is nearly impossible to come up with a long-term textbook, school material or degree program.

A Diploma in Internet Marketing is standard within the Internet Marketing community, and to obtain a well-paying career in Internet Marketing.

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