Breaking Into the Internet Marketing Industry


There’s only one person in the world with a perfect Klout score of 100%, can you guess who that is? It’s not Lady Gaga, it’s not Bill Gates or even Oprah Winfrey, it’s of course, Justin Bieber; but what the heck does that even mean and why should we care?

Even if you’re not in the marketing field, you’re likely aware that a strong online presence (as Klout measures) has become a key factor in determining business or personal branding success. People are now paying close attention to the number of followers their pages have, their placement in search rankings and the strength of their content, all with the aim of driving traffic to their pages to create some form of ROI.

Marketing can be a popular choice of major for students in high school or college business programs; but graduates are facing quite the surprise when they find out exactly what analytical and technical skills are expected from them upon entering the workforce, many of which were not learned through programs that focused on conceptual learning with a whole lot of theory-memorizing and not enough doing! With marketing moving quickly from traditional to digital, newcomers to the field are expected not only to be both creative and business-minded (a unique balance to begin with) but also to be tech-savvy, insightful analysts.

To cater towards these new skill demands, top colleges are offering focused, up-to-date training programs that reflect industry trends. Brighton College’s Internet Marketing Diploma program offers students a comprehensive curriculum that covers key marketing topics, giving students a well-rounded background and hands-on experience in online marketing. A strong feature of the program is the final project component at the end of the course where students design, create, implement and monitor a campaign from scratch using actual monetary budgets to meet project and business goals.

The marketing field has become one of the most competitive fields out there, requiring its new players to have a solid education and some applied experience under their belts before stepping into the industry. Employers are now taking into account factors like Klout scores when hiring for some marketing positions! That probably doesn’t make Justin Bieber the world’s top marketer, however, but can you take a guess at which celebrities take second and third place? Join the conversation and share your guesses with us to find out!

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