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5 Things to Do to Get Promoted to Project Manager


You’ve been on the job for five years and now there’s an opportunity to move up the ladder into the Project Manager position. If you’re not doing these five important things, you might be getting overlooked when it comes to your next promotion.

1. Do the Job You’re Competing For

Whether you’re hoping to snag the Project Manager promotion or any other position, you need to be able to prove that you can do that job. Even before you get the promotion, take on the tasks that are involved in the position whenever you can. Ask your boss for more assignments that are similar to those in the Project Manager position.

2. Be a Leader

Before you’re promoted to the position of Project Manager, you’ll have to display your leadership abilities. This doesn’t necessarily mean delegating project to others. It also means taking responsibility for problems, treating your coworkers with respect, being a role model for other employees, not being late or missing deadlines. Leadership is one of the skills that is consistently mentioned in employment settings, so it’s important to understand what your boss thinks a leader is and how to emulate that.

3. Make Sure Your Boss Knows

Your boss can’t promote you unless they’re made aware of it. Schedule a meeting with your boss and let them know that you’re interested in becoming Project Manager. Write out a set of questions you can ask your boss to let them know you are serious about the promotion and will do the work required.

4. Document Your Success

When you’re in an interview for the position, you’ll undoubtedly be asked what your accomplishments are. If you haven’t documented these as they happen, you risk forgetting about them. Whenever you experience a success in your employment life (or even in your personal life), write it down in detail. What was the problem you faced? What was your solution? Did that solution work? What are the numbers associated with that solution? Did you see a percentage increase in revenue? Document that. Document everything so that when you are in that interview, you can explain why you deserve that promotion.

5. Upgrade Your Skills

Is there a particular skill your missing? Going back to school and getting the upgraded skills you need not only provides you with the education that you need; it also shows your employer that you’re serious about the promotion and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. In the competition to get the job, having the credentials to back up your experience puts you ahead of the person who doesn’t have those credentials, and those credentials will make you a better candidate for promotions.

Whether you’re trying to upgrade your architecture knowledge or construction engineering, new education and the paper that comes along with it is a sure-fire way to show your employers you mean business.

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