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College Related

Our Educational Advisors are part of our admissions team. They are trained to help guide students through the application process with their extensive knowledge about our admission requirements as well as the details of all of our programs. They can help answer your questions about applying to a program, what the costs are, and whether you should pick 1 diploma program over another.

We are a private institution, so we are not funded by the government. We still follow government requirements and guidelines, like PTIB and BC EQA, to ensure we are providing the highest quality education to our students.

Our tuition and fees can be found here. Tuition and fees vary depending on course duration, program type, and certification accreditation.

Our 2-year diplomas are shorter than a 4-year degree program. They are like standard diplomas from other colleges, where you have a large portion of in-class instruction and training, and may include a practicum or co-op work experience component. They are meant to help students learn skills to get hired into their chosen industry and gain experience before deciding whether getting a degree is the right option to help further their career.

Please email regarding your job posting. We post it in our lounge areas at each campus and our Career Services Coordinator will also reach out to any students that fit the job requirements.

We follow quality standards and regulations from different organizations and government programs that ensure we are providing you with a high-quality education that is relevant to different industries. We consult with industry experts for our curriculum and direction. Our Program Coordinators and instructors are all industry professionals that bring their unique experience and knowledge to help our students succeed.

Please email regarding your job posting. We post it in our lounge areas at each campus and our Career Services Coordinator will also reach out to any students that fit the job requirements.


Our Educational Advisors are trained to help students find the best educational path for their individual career path. We suggest you speak with an Educational Advisors right away, as they will also guide you through the application process, which ensures you have all the admission requirements, college standards, and tuition fee structure.

The length of a program depends on each individual program. On each program page of our website, we have included the Program Duration, including the length of any included practicum or co-op work experience placement.

You can also see the program lengths on the All Programs page under each program name.

Many of our programs include a practicum or co-op component to ensure you gain work experience before graduation. Check on the programs page to see whether it includes a work experience placement (WEP) as a practicum or co-op.

It is important to make college work for you, so we offer custom paths. Speak to an Educational Advisors to talk through your options and how that will affect your course schedule and fees.

Depending on what your course schedule is, we can work with you to fit extra courses that help build you up for success in your desired career path.


It depends on the program. Our courses are blocked as 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm, and 6:00pm to 10:00 pm. The majority of our courses run between 9:00 am – 5:30 pm.

We don’t follow a semester schedule, we work in blocks of courses. This allows us to have a continuous intake model where students can join in as soon as possible.

We do not have any deadlines. Apply anytime you are ready! Instead of set terms or semesters, we have a continuous intake model. This means you don’t have to wait 6-12 months to start your program. Talk to one of our Educational Advisors as to when your desired program is starting next.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer online courses. We are working on launching online courses by the fall of 2019.

Everyone, even Canadians born in Canada, have to pass a certain level of English to enter college. This is an overall comprehension level that is set out by PTIB.

Our Educational Advisors will be in touch within 3 business days.

It depends on the course, but our minimal prerequisites are:

  1. High school diploma (or equivalent) or mature student status;
  2. English language proficiency:
    • Domestic students need Grade 10 English or pass college English assessment
    • International students need IELTS 6.0 proof (or equivalent) or pass college English assessment

Some programs may require:

  • Grade 10 Math, or pass college Math assessment
  • Self-assessment of readiness for online/distance learning

We recommend speaking with one of our Educational Advisors first to ensure you have all the details and all of the admission requirements collected.

Once you have completed the admission application and all of your admission documents have been verified, you will receive a letter of acceptance within 2-4 weeks.

During Study

Email the teacher directly or call into the campus you are attending and inform them of your absence. Remember there is an Attendance Policy that regulates how many classes you are able to miss.

Driving: Once on King George Blvd, head towards Central City Shopping Centre. Turn onto 98 Ave, and then turn right at the parking signs to park underground. We are located on Floor 2, with our front desk in room 217.

Transit: On the Skytrain or on a transit bus, make your way towards the King George Skytrain station. From the station, cross over to the west side of the street, opposite the station. Head south 1 block to 98A Ave and enter the Surrey Village Office Tower. We are located on Floor 2, with our front desk in room 217.

Driving: Once on Kingsway, head towards the Willingdon and Kingsway intersection. Turn south-west down Willingdon, driving along Crystal Mall towards the Burnaby Public Library, then turn left on Kingsborough, and then left into the underground parking lot. Parking is free for 3 hours. We are located on Floor 3, with our front desk in room 305.

Transit: On the Skytrain, make your way to the Metrotown Skytrain station. On transit buses, make it to the Metrotown transit hub. From there, exit onto Central Boulevard, head west towards the Burnaby Public Library, then turn down McKay Ave. When you get to the corner of McKay Ave and Kingsborough St, you can cut through the middle corridor of Crystal Mall. When you reach the other side, enter the doors for Crystal Office Tower beside the HSBC bank. We are located on Floor 3, with our front desk in room 305.

While it will take some time, you could change programs. Meet with your Educational Advisor to discuss how that will affect your schedule, tuition fees, and application contract.

International Students

All of our programs can be applied to by International Students. You must apply for your study permit and submit all of the admission requirements. To ensure you meet these requirements, read our International Students page or speak to an Educational Advisors.

Unfortunately, we are not qualified for post-graduate work permits. We are a Designated Learning Institute, but not all of these schools qualify for the post-graduate work permit school requirement. You have to graduate from a public college or a private college that runs like a public college.

Yes we do. Please contact to set up a meeting to discuss details further.

We do not include living expenses. Those will have to be covered on your own terms. If you need help relocating to Canada as an International Student, contact _____________________.

Our tuition and fees for International students can be found here. They vary depending on course duration, program type, and certification accreditation.

Yes, we sometimes to have scholarships or grants specifically for international students. Please talk to an Educational Advisors to discuss if we have anything that you qualify for at that time.

You will need to contact an Educational Advisors, either directly or through an agent. Once you have your study permit and admission requirement documents, you may fill out our application form and submit it via email or fax.