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Business Administration

Our Programs

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Business Management

Business Management

49 Week Diploma, 12 Week Co-op Included
Enhances learning through case studies and hands-on training.

Business Administration

Business Administration

25 Week Diploma
Uses current business concepts to illustrate a worldly view.

Advanced Business Management

Advanced Business Management

84 Week Diploma, 24 Week Co-op Included
Focuses on advanced business.

Advanced Business Management in Accounting

Adv. Bus. Mgmt. in Accounting

80 Week Diploma, 16 Week Co-op Included
Focuses on financial and managerial accounting concepts in business.

Advanced Business Management in Marketing

Adv. Bus. Mgmt. in Internet Marketing

80 Week Diploma, 16 Week Co-op Included
Highlights business from a marketing perspective.

Summary of our Business Management Program

Brighton College’s programs in business administration and business management expose students to all areas of business from accounting to marketing providing them with a broad perspective of business in a global environment. Students will strengthen their written and verbal communication skills through focused business communications classes, while learning the fundamentals of each business area as separate, comprehensive courses.

The Industry

Business is everywhere, it makes the world go ’round! The business field is an extremely diverse field  encompassing public and private organizations in the product and service industries. With globalization and advancements in technology, the business industry is booming and continues to grow beyond borders.

Expanding employment in the professional business services sector is expected to add approximately 11,060 jobs in BC between 2010 and 2015 (Statistics Canada, 2011). Business professionals have the opportunity to pursue careers in Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, Finance and other business areas.