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Take a Stand Against Bullying | Help Support Pink Shirt Day 2016 [Video]

Pink Shirt Day

By Sebastian Nguyen on February 24th, 2016

Local News

If you were ever a victim of bullying what advice would you give yourself? Welcome to Pink Shirt Day! We had the chance to ask our staff to provide one piece of advice to help everyone take a stand against bullying.

Pink Shirt Day
Anti-Bullying day began with two teens from Nova Scotia who decided to take action against bullying. After a ninth grader was bullied on his first day of school for wearing pink, the two teens bought and handed out pink shirts at their school. They’re goal was to send a message about anti-bullying. Ever since, Pink Shirt Day spread all across the globe. It is now officially recognized as a day to stand against bullying and raise awareness of this issue.

Pink Shirt Day Vancouver

Support Anti-Bullying!

This Wednesday, February 24 marks another year in our efforts to prevent bullying. Wear or purchase a pink shirt at a London’s Drugs near you and support this year’s Pink Shirt Day!

Help End Bullying

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