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Three Half-hour Study Break Ideas to Clear Your Mind

By Brighton College on August 27th, 2012 in School Tips | Join the conversation

Ever get to that point where you find yourself reading the same line over and over again, not taking anything in? Chances are you’ve been studying too long and it’s time for a study break!

Psychological studies have proven that taking short breaks increases performance on certain tasks, so why not treat yourself to a short break every couple of hours? Here are a few study break activities you can do for as little as half an hour to re-charge.

  1. Work-out break
    It is recommended that we get a minimum of 30 minutes of vigorous exercise per day. Running the treadmill, doing some weights or going for a swim are all good workout ideas with the bonus of de-stressing. You’ll feel stronger physically and mentally when it’s time to get back to your studies.
  2. Fresh-air breather
    What can be more calming than taking a short walk and getting some fresh air? If you live anywhere near a forest or scenic area, it’s worth taking half an hour for yourself to relax outdoors. Being surrounded by nature calms your nerves and makes you feel at peace. You’ll feel calmer with a clear mind afterwards.

  3. Time-out to tunes
    Getting lost in your music for half an hour is a great study break that will help you let go and forget about the world for a little while. Lie on your bed, blast your headphones and let your music take you far from your worries.

What do you do on your study breaks? Nap, run errands, catch up with friends over the phone? Let us know and we’ll share your tips!