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Apply – Study Permits

Apply—Study permits

You can choose to apply online or through a paper application. If you need assistance, you can get help with your application at your nearest visa application centre (VAC).

–          Apply online

To apply online you must have access to a scanner or camera to create electronic copies of your documents for uploading and have a valid credit card for payment. Determine your eligibility and apply online.

–          Apply on paper

1. Get the application package

2. Pay your application fees

3. Submit your application

Additional information or documents

After the visa office receives your application, the visa office might request more information or documents. These may include the following:

  • Medical information
    In most cases, you will need a medical examination. A visa officer will send you instructions if you need one. This may add more than three months to the processing time of your application. Find more information about medical examinations.
  • Security information
    If you want to study in Canada, you and any family members who come to Canada with you, and who are 18 years of age and over, may have to provide police certificates. Find more information about the security checks.

Processing time

The length of time to process your application varies depending on the visa office where you applied. For more information, see application processing times.

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