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Find Out Everything You Need To Know About The Construction Industry in B.C.

By Stephanie Stover on April 19th, 2013 in Construction

construction management

What is Construction?

Construction as it pertains to engineering and architecture is the creation of an infrastructure which covers all stages of the construction process including initial project design ideas, project creation and management, and seeing the project through to completion.

The four main types of construction include:

  1. Residential Building construction
  2. Heavy Civil construction
  3. Commercial Building construction
  4. Industrial construction

Outlook for the Construction Management Sector:

The estimated demand for workers in British Columbia 2013 is 23,900, which is expected to increase to 24,800 in 2015.[1] An additional 1,300 job openings are projected to be created by 2015.

Skills and Training:

Those who strive for a construction management career can expect qualifications such as an in-depth knowledge of the industry, the ability to adapt to technological changes within the industry, as well as strong leadership and communication skills. A good starting point is an industry certification such as a Constructing Technician Certificate.

Construction Manager Job Duties:

There are a plethora of different types of construction careers. Here is a sample of different job duties pertaining to construction manager jobs:

  • Design, organize and direct projects from start to finish while staying on schedule, adhering to particular specifications and working within a budget
  • Create and negotiate contracts with architects, subcontractors, clients, suppliers, and consultants
  • Oversee the purchasing of land acquisition as well as building materials
  • Hire and supervise the subcontractor activities and subordinate staff


Construction Salaries:

Depending on the construction career, the average salary ranges between $33,000 – $44,000 for construction trades helpers and laborers to between $66,000 – $95,000 for construction managers and supervisors.

At Brighton College, we offer three specific construction programs. The Construction and Drafting Technician Diploma Program features a required practicum, while the Construction Technician Certificate Program and the Construction and Drafting Technician Program both offer an optional practicum. All practicums will be placed with local companies in Vancouver or the lower mainland.

For more information on vocational training, or our construction program, fill out our form at www.brightoncollege.com.