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  • 2 Weeks Building Engineering Technology Bundle +
    Plus 2 Weeks of AutoCAD Fundamentals!

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  • 2 Weeks of Free AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor and Building Design Bundle
    Learn fundamental techniques to creating 2D and 3D drawings and models in the building and technology industry.
  • 2 weeks of Free AutoCAD Fundamentals Training
    No upfront fees. Complete our AutoCAD Fundamentals course for free! Credits earned can be used to complete the diploma program.
  • Live, Instructor-Led Training
    Our courses are live, on web-cam, and are instructor-led. Get the help you need, when you need it.


  • Each course is 2 days long, 3 hours a day, and is 100% online and instructor-led.

AutoCAD 2D

Course Outcomes:

  • Create and modify geometric shapes
  • Enhance drawing accuracies
  • Create layers and object properties
  • Create text annotations and dimensions

AutoCAD 3D Modeling

Course Outcomes:

  • Navigate in AutoCAD 3D Environment
  • Learn 3D visual aid tools
  • Create 3D wire frame models
  • Create 3D solid models

Inventor 3D Modeling

Course Outcomes:

  • Create 2D sketches
  • Create 3D manufactured part models
  • Assemble 3D part features and create motion

Revit Architecture

Course Outcomes:

  • Learn 3D parametric Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Set building grids and elevations
  • Design and select building features
  • Insert Revit 3D components

Building Design with Building code

Course Outcomes:

  • Learn architectural design principles
  • Apply building code design standards
  • Use city bylaws for design applications

2 Weeks AutoCAD Fundamentals

Course Outcomes:

  • Setup coordinate systems
  • Use drawing setup essential tools
  • Create geometric shapes with accuracies
  • Create layers and define object properties
  • Create text styles and enter text annotations
  • Setup dimension styles and apply dimensions

*** Upon successful completion of this 4 Week Computer Aided Design Training Program, the
participants will receive a Professional Development Certificate.


*** Upon successful completion of the 2 Week AutoCAD Fundamentals, the participant will receive
Credits towards the Diploma and Certificate program.

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Graduates Working in the Industry

It was a bit hard at first taking a highly technical program but with enough patience and practice I found the confidence.

Alessandro Chiaravallo, 3 Building & Engineering Tech. Diplomas
Neil Monteiro, Civil Infrastructure Design Technology
Mumta Karra, Architectural Design and Building Technician Diploma
Jon-Marc Boothe, Architectural Design & Building, Construction & Drafting Technician
Christine Kapeluck, Construction and Drafting Technician Diploma

When you see Tesla or Apple, these are the companies that inspire me. I want to be able to start another Tesla and build models and electronics.

Bonaventure Sevi, AutoCAD Drafting and Design Specialist Diploma

Study after certain gap its not easy but you have to keep try and try until you get it right I got inspire to do something for my dream .

Cindy Jin, AutoCAD Desigin and Drafting Diploma

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