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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Brighton College delivers the most advanced and innovative, industry-recognized programs that equip students with marketable skills, foster personal growth, and establish a foundation for further education and employment success.


Brighton College believes in providing an inspiring, respectful, and supportive learning environment where students with a variety of backgrounds and abilities can improve their lives through education. We value the growth of all students, staff, and faculty, and are dedicated to building meaningful relationships within the communities and industries we serve.


  • To provide a serious learning environment where students with a variety of backgrounds and abilities can improve their lives through education.
  • To provide students with the opportunity to develop high-quality and professional skills that are recognized in the workplace.

Institutional-level Learning Outcomes


Communicate with clarity, civility, and purpose appropriate for workplace, community, and academic contexts

Present ones creative and critical ideas using verbal, visual, and written language accurately and effectively

Listen attentively, actively, and empathetically to others, and respond appropriately

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Synthesize and apply knowledge in new and complex situations to effectively solve problems and complete tasks

Make well-reasoned and informed arguments, conclusions, and decisions based on evidence and critical thinking

Global Consciousness

Interact and collaborate respectfully, responsibly, and ethically with individuals of diverse backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, and beliefs

Recognize the interconnectedness and interaction between local, national, and global issues


Investigate how our generation can meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Challenge unsustainable practices across industries, and facilitate the emergence of new ideas and systems that address sustainable development

Weigh scientific evidence and engage in creative thinking to enact change for a sustainable future

Information and Technology Literacy

Locate, gather, organize, analyze, and disseminate information relevant to a problem or task

Examine and evaluate the quality and relevancy of ideas and information sources

Use contemporary technology to achieve educational, informational, personal, and professional goals

Professional and Ethical Behaviour

Conduct and present oneself responsibly and professionally in the classroom, in the workplace, in community spaces, and online

Collaborate with others effectively and resolve conflicts civilly and efficiently when they arise

Consistently complete educational and professional tasks competently and in an appropriate timeframe, both independently and in collaboration with others

Give, receive, and apply feedback in a thoughtful, respectful, and useful manner

Practice reliability and accountability for one’s professional commitments and personal behaviour

Personal Responsibility and Development

Identify and assess one’s personal knowledge, skills, abilities, and areas for growth

Set goals for personal, educational, and professional improvement, and develop well-thought out and realistic plans to achieve them

Take personal initiative to act ethically in and contribute positively to one’s school, workplace, natural environment, and community