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6 Inspiring Female Olympic Athletes | 2016 Summer Olympics


By Sebastian Nguyen on August 12th, 2016

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With the 31st Summer Olympic Games underway, this year has seen some amazing stories from some of the best athletes around the world.

While there is no shortage of inspiration, we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on some remarkable stories that have been making Olympic history.

That said, here are 6 Inspirational Life Lessons from Inspiring Female Olympic Athletes.

Inspiring Female Olympic Athletes

1. Deepa Karmakar – Dare to Dream 

Overcoming several obstacles, such as lack of proper training facilities and family pressure – Deepa Karmakar has worked hard to become India’s first female gymnast in the Olympics. Her story reminds us that dreaming big is the first step towards achieving greatness.

Inspiring Female Olympic Athletes

2. Egyptian Female Volleyball Team – Push Past Boundaries

Making their Olympic debut, the Egyptian Female Volleyball Team wore full-clothed body suits as a sign of respect for their culture and religion. As the team continues to progress, they remind us that you should never be ashamed of who you are and what you believe.


3. Oksana Chusovitina – Never Too Old 

Marking her 7th Summer Games, Oksana Chusovitina is still competing in one of the most physically demanding sports at the age of 41. As one of the oldest female Olympians in history, Oksana reminds us that even when you get older – you don’t have to give up doing what you love.

Inspiring Female Olympic Athletes

4. Ibtihaj Muhammad – Embrace Who You Are 

Currently making Olympic history, Ibtihaj is the first female Olympian to wear a hijab while competing. While known as an Olympic fencer, she is also working hard to promote positive cultural ideals for the Muslim community and Muslim-American women around the world. Ibtihaj reminds us that embracing who you are is the first step towards making a change.

Inspiring Female Olympic Athletes

5. Rafaela Silva – Endure and Persevere

Before becoming an Olympian, Rafaela was raised in the slums of Rio De Janeiro where she has since fought her way out of poverty and earned a gold medal in Judo. While pursuing her dreams and competing in the Olympics, Rafaela’s story reminds that perseverance and endurance can always help us achieve our goals.

Inspiring Female Olympic Athletes

6. Yusra Mardini – Share Your Strength 

Before the Olympics, Yusra and her sister are responsible for saving 20 lives as they swam for 3 hours pushing a small sinking boat of refugees to safety. Ever since leaving Syria to compete in the 2016 Olympics, Yusra’s story teaches us that sharing your strengths to help others is a part of who we are.

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Best of luck to all of the athletes at this year’s Summer Olympic Games!

Sebastian Nguyen

About the Author

Sebastian Nguyen is a Videographer and Social Media Producer at Brighton College. When he is not filming events or taking photos, he loves catching up on episodes of Arrow and The Flash.

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